Weaveworks CloudFormation template is the easiest way to get started with Weave Cloud in ECS. CloudFormation templates provide developers and systems administrators a simple way to create a collection or a stack of related AWS resources, and it provisions and updates them in an orderly and predictable fashion.

Use these specially created Weaveworks CloudFormation template to create an ECS cluster with all of the resources you need, including Weave Net and Weave Cloud. One of the templates configures Kubernetes in an ECS cluster and the other sets up an ECS cluster only. Both templates give you the option of running a sample app and also whether you want to use Weave Net and Weave Scope.

Before launching either of these stacks:

Note: Key pairs you create are tied to a particular region.

Launch Kubernetes in AWS

The link below will launch Sock Shop app using a CloudFormation template, but there is one without the app, so you can use your own app instead.

Ready to launch a stack?  Click here to launch a stack to AWS:

Launch Stack

See also the step by step tutorial Launch Kubernetes Cluster in AWS and Connect to Weave Cloud

To learn more about how it works, see: