Sign up to Weave Cloud & Select a Platform

1. Sign up at

2. Create an instance and then choose the platform from the setup screens that appear.

3. Select an environment.

You will be presented with a command to copy.

Note: The Explore feature of Weave Cloud allows you to open a shell as well as stop and start containers. To ensure the security of your cluster, it is recommended that when you are running in production, these controls are turned off. To remove this functionality, run the command you are presented with in the setup screens using the ‘read-only’ flag: curl -Ls | sh -s -- --token=xxx --read-only

In order to use the Helm operator with Weave Cloud you have to apply the HelmRelease CRD definition and the operator deployment in the weave namespace:

export REPO=

kubectl apply -f ${REPO}/deploy-helm/flux-helm-release-crd.yaml kubectl apply -f ${REPO}/deploy-helm/weave-cloud-helm-operator-deployment.yaml

Check the operator logs with:

kubectl -n weave logs deployment/flux-helm-operator -f

The above instructions are assuming that Tiller is deployed in the kube-system namespace without TLS.

4. Run the command (with the read-only flag) in your environment to connect your app to Weave Cloud.

Weave Setup Screens

Networking in Weave Cloud

If you are using Weave Net as your pod network, you can visualize the peers in Weave Cloud by installing an additional agent.

See Visualizing Weave Net in Weave Cloud for information on peer discovery with Weave Cloud and for information on using Weave Net as a network add-on for Kubernetes, refer to Integrating Kubernetes via the Add-on.

Weave Cloud Supported Platforms

Weave Cloud supports the following platforms. Click on an orchestrator from the list below to learn how to install the agents.

Note: At present, the Deploy feature of Weave Cloud is only supported on Kubernetes

  Deploy Explore Monitor Additional notes
Kubernetes Y Y Y  
Amazon EC2   Y Y AWS EC2 & Kubernetes
Amazon ECS   Y Y AWS ECS
Docker   Y Y Docker
Docker Swarm   Y Y Docker Swarm
Mesophere   Y Y  
Rancher   Y Y Rancher Catalog
Google Container Engine (GKE) Y Y Y GKE

Note: The Explore function is the only agent that doesn’t require any additional configuration. In the case of Monitoring, you will need to instrument your app to view metrics in Weave Cloud. To use Deploy additional configuration is necessary to connect your source control repository and to enable ChatOps (if desired).

For information on how to configure Monitoring if you are not running on Kubernetes or Docker Swarm, see Configuring Prometheus Monitoring without Kubernetes.

Mesosphere and Rancher are currently only supported in the Open Source version of Explore

Further Reading