Before using Weave Cloud, install the agents to your infrastructure. Agents are daemon processes that run either in a cluster or not. The Cloud Agents are responsible for managing requests between Weave Cloud and your cloud native application.

If you are running Kubernetes, the Agents run in a DaemonSet and are launched from the master node. In all other cases Agents must be running on all of your instances.

There are four available Cloud Agents:

  • Scope - Explore, manage and troubleshoot containers
  • Flux - Deploy and manage releases in the cloud
  • Cortex - Prometheus Monitoring and alert management for your applications and infrastructure
  • Net - Visualize your networked containers and set up security and network policy for Kubernetes.

Weave Cloud Supported Platforms

Weave Cloud supports the following platforms. Click on an orchestrator from the list below to learn how to install the agents.

Note: At present, the Deploy feature of Weave Cloud is only supported on Kubernetes

  Deploy Explore Monitor Install Instructions
Kubernetes Y Y Y Kubernetes
Amazon ECS   Y Y AWS ECS & Kubernetes
Amazon ECS   Y Y AWS ECS
Docker Swarm   Y Y Docker
Mesophere   Y Y Mesosphere DC/OS
Rancher   Y Y Rancher Catalog
Google Container Engine (GKE) Y Y Y GKE

Note: The Explore function is the only agent that doesn’t require any additional configuration. In the case of Monitoring, you will need to instrument your app to view metrics in Weave Cloud. To use Deploy additional configuration to connect your source control repository and ChatOps (if desired) is also be required.

For information on how to configure Monitoring when not running on Kubernetes, see Configuring Prometheus Monitoring without Kubernetes.

Mesosphere and Rancher is currently only supported in the Open Source version of Explore

Sign up to Weave Cloud

To begin, obtain a Weave Cloud token by signing up at Create an instance and then choose the platform on which to launch the agents.

Further Reading