Weave Cloud Monitoring can be used to monitor virtually any application on any platform, as the local agent is a specially configured unmodified OSS Prometheus binary. You can download Prometheus from its website. You will need v1.2.1 or later.

Once you’ve installed Prometheus, configure it to discover your services and then authenticate it to send its data to Weave Cloud by adding the following top-level stanza to the prometheus.yml file:

  - url: https://cloud.weave.works/api/prom/push
      password: [cloud-token]

Where [cloud-token] is the token you obtained from the Weave Cloud settings page in your instance.

Note: Your application will also need to be instrumented using a Prometheus client library that exports the metrics to your http server. See Instrumenting Your Code in these docs and also Instrumentation in the Prometheus docs.

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