Deploy Applications Continuously

Automated Application Updates

  • Version Controlled Cluster Configuration
    • Publish and deploy application updates into the cluster with version controlled manifests. Version-controlling the manifests provides a source of truth for the cluster configuration.
  • Customized Deployment Policy and Automation of Manual Tasks
    • Automatic commits for each release of a microservice and the ability to specify the deployment policy on a service by service basis: automated and manual releases.
  • Ability to Lock release versions to avoid accidental releases
  • Compare applications in production against version control
  • Predict changes safely (dry-run) and roll-back upgrades easily
  • Works with any CI platform or Image Repository
  • Version controlled manifests for your cluster provide ‘the source of truth’
  • Team collaboration and workflow: continue your code iterations without have to know the inner workings of a cluster.
  • Acts as a convergence loop between version controlled config (source of truth) <=> cluster
  • ChatOps integration with Slack

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Explore Your Applications

Understand Your App as it runs in the cloud

  • Inspect an individual service in real-time
  • Visualize how services are connected together
  • Filter and navigate different services to improve observability
  • Reason about different levels of the stack: service, pod and container
  • Shows different views to improve understanding of service aspects: table and resource view
  • Connect to and control individual containers
  • Support for external plug-ins

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Monitor Applications with Prometheus

Send us your Prometheus metrics and we’ll look after them for you

  • Horizontally scaling monitoring platform based on Prometheus
  • Powerful query language with autocompletion
  • GUI exploration of metrics for ease of use
  • Summarize metrics with counters, histograms and gauges
  • Notebooks for recording workflows (incident response) and sharing
  • Collect metrics from all platforms: including databases and API’s
  • Instrument your code: support for Go, Python, .NET, Node.js, Java & more
  • Visualization and dashboards (ie Grafana) supported via API
  • Sophisticated alerting with integration to PagerDuty and Slack

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Network Policy and Security

Add layers of security to your application, your cluster and your network

  • Encrypted Network can operate within and between regions
  • Deep integration with Kubernetes for NetworkPolicy
    • Define which services can communicate with what
  • IPsec and VXLAN provide near-theoretical maximum performance

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