Find Weave Cloud on the GitHub Marketplace

Navigate to

  • Click on Set up a plan.
  • Choose a plan that matches your needs
  • Navigate through the subsequent screens.

At this point you should have a Weave Cloud account, and be in a position to install Deploy on your cluster.

Setup Deploy

Deploy the agents to your cluster by following the instructions in Signup to Weave Cloud and Select a Platform

Configure Deploy with Github

Next, configure Deploy to use with Github by selecting Settings on the instance and clicking the Deploy option from the menu.

Fill out the following sections:

Config Repository:

  • URL - URL for your Github repo
  • Path to config files - path to the manifest files in your repo
  • Branch - git branch to operate on

Once the URL, path and branch to github have been set, a command appears below this section. This command is required to configure Deploy with your repo and cluster. Run this command in your cluster to update Deploy

Push Keys

If the github repo was found, and the command ran properly, you should see an option to Push SSH keys to the repo.

This automatically pushes an SSH key to your Github repo and it allows Deploy to sync and update the repo.

Next Steps

With Deploy configured properly with GitHub you are ready to move onto how it works. Next section should provide you with adequate support.