One of Weave Cloud’s more powerful features is the ability to manage and control your microservices in real-time as they are running in the cloud.

To display the container controls, search for your container and then click on it from either the Graph or Table mode. On the top of the metrics panel that appears are a series of controls for managing containers:

View Container Logs

Container logs are shown during run-time and do not show historical logs. If the terminal is closed, the logs will be lost. You can detach the window and view the logs independent of the main window. This is useful for when you are troubleshooting other services that depend on the current one that you have open.

Open a UNIX Shell

A convenient shell can be opened on any container or host. The shell acts just like a regular UNIX terminal and it gives you full access to the container’s filesystem where you can debug or make simple changes and deploy applications from the Shell. Launch a Shell from Hosts, Containers and Processes.

Restart, Pause, Stop Containers & Delete Containers

Controls are available that also allow you to restart, pause, stop and delete containers.