Grafana is a popular tool for building monitoring dashboards; it supports Prometheus as a data source. Because Weave Cloud exposes the Prometheus API, you can plug Grafana into Weave Cloud.

Configuring the Grafana Dashboard Plugin

To use the Prometheus Service with Grafana Dashboards, configure your Grafana instance to have a data source with the following parameters:

Type: Prometheus
Access: Proxy
Http Auth: Basic Auth
User: user (this is ignored, but must be non-empty)
Password: (the same one as your retrieval agent uses)

Optional: Install our Chrome plugin

The Grafana plugin adds links from Grafana to the Monitoring feature of Weave Cloud so that you can jump straight from looking at a chart in Grafana to copying the PromQL query that makes it up in Weave Cloud. This allows you to go straight from the dashboard view to an incident response mode in Weave Cloud, where you can then use Weave Cloud’s Prometheus notebooks feature to investigate, record and share critical metrics data with the rest of your team.

The Grafana plugin for Weave Cloud can be downloaded from Google Chrome Store

It is installed as a browser extension and is enabled by selecting Settings and then Extensions in your Chrome browser:

Weave Cloud

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