To make the most of the metrics collected by Prometheus, Weave Cloud automatically detects a workload has been instrumented and presents the user with corresponding dashboards. This instrumentation can originate from either a Prometheus client library or a Prometheus exporter.

Go Dashboard

Language Runtime Dashboards

Some Prometheus client libraries expose metrics from the underlying language runtime. For instance client_golang exposes the number of goroutines, details on object allocation and statistics about garbage collection.

Not every language support this. Some languages have virtually no runtime (C++, Rust, …) and some runtimes don’t expose internal details in a way a client library could use. Here is a list of supported client libraries:

Prometheus Exporters

Besides instrumenting your own workloads, well known tools such as databases, messaging systems, HTTP proxies, etc can use Prometheus exporters to collect metrics giving some insight on how those tools behave. Exporters work as sidecar containers and are scraped by Prometheus.

We generate dashboards when finding those exporters. Here is the list of currently supported exporters: