Enabling Multi-Cloud Networking

Before multi-cloud networking can be enabled, you must configure the network to allow connections through Weave Net’s control and data ports on the Docker hosts. By default, the control port defaults to TCP 6783, and the data ports to UDP 6783/6784.

To override Weave Net’s default ports, specify a port using the WEAVE_PORT setting. For example, if WEAVE_PORT is set to 9000, then Weave uses TCP 9000 for its control port and UDP 9000/9001 for its data port.

Important! It is recommended that all peers be given the same setting.

Multi-hop routing

A network of containers across more than two hosts can be established even when there is only partial connectivity between the hosts.

Weave Net routes traffic between containers as long as there is at least one path of connected hosts between them.

For example, if a Docker host in a local data center can connect to hosts in GCE and EC2, but the latter two cannot connect to each other, containers in the latter two can still communicate and Weave Net in this instance will route the traffic via the local data center.

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