The following topics are discussed:

Configuring the domain search paths

If you don’t supply a domain search path (with --dns-search=), Weave Net (via the proxy or via weave attach) tells a container to look for “bare” hostnames, like pingme, in its own domain (or in weave.local if it has no domain).

If you want to supply other entries for the domain search path, e.g. if you want containers in different sub-domains to resolve hostnames across all sub-domains plus some external domains, you need also to supply the weave.local domain to retain the above behaviour.

docker run -ti \
  --dns-search=zone1.weave.local --dns-search=zone2.weave.local \ \
  --dns-search=weave.local weaveworks/ubuntu

Using a different local domain

By default, weaveDNS uses weave.local. as the domain for names on the Weave network. In general users do not need to change this domain, but you can force weaveDNS to use a different domain by launching it with the --dns-domain argument. For example,

$ weave launch --dns-domain="mycompany.local."

The local domain should end with local., since these names are link-local as per RFC6762, (though this is not strictly necessary).