The command:

weave status

reports on the current status of various Weave Net components, including DNS:

       Service: dns
        Domain: weave.local.
           TTL: 1
       Entries: 9

The first section covers the router; see the troubleshooting guide for more details.

The ‘Service: dns’ section is pertinent to weaveDNS, and includes:

  • The local domain suffix which is being served
  • The list of upstream servers used for resolving names not in the local domain
  • The response ttl
  • The total number of entries

You may also use weave status dns to obtain a complete dump of all DNS registrations.

Information on the processing of queries, and the general operation of weaveDNS, can be obtained from the container logs with

docker logs weave

Present Limitations

  • The server will not know about restarted containers, but if you re-attach a restarted container to the weave network, it will be re-registered with weaveDNS.
  • The server may give unreachable IPs as answers, since it doesn’t try to filter by reachability. If you use subnets, align your hostnames with the subnets.