The GitOps Kubernetes Operator

The Enterprise GitOps Platform for Flux

From the creators of GItOps, Weave GitOps Enterprise is a full-stack continuous delivery platform, powered by Flux.
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Enterprise Grade GitOps Platform, Powered by Flux

Harness the power of GitOps with Weave GitOps Enterprise, a full-stack GitOps platform built on FluxCD. Built by the creators of Flux and Flagger, Weave GitOps allows you to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters and applications, be they in the public or private cloud, or your own data center. Focus on application development and accelerate your team’s product innovation with our Kubernetes management console.

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Instantly deploy Vetted Cloud-Native Stacks

Weave GitOps Enterprise offers a rich library of tested and certified cloud-native stacks. Whether you want observability or a fully configured cluster, you are covered on almost any cloud infrastructure. Extend the catalog with your templates with full lifecycle management to distribute, install, upgrade, or remove Kubernetes cluster capabilities.

Secure Configurations GitOps with Trusted Delivery!

Enable continuous security and compliance and prevent cloud misconfigurations with policy as code. Weave Policy Engine enforces security best practices policies, catches any violating changes, and automatically remediates any issues with automatic pull requests. Weave Policy Library enables you to hit the ground running with out-of-box policies, guaranteeing security, resilience, and coding standards across your applications and infrastructure. The Weave GitOps library has 100+ policies covering SOC2, GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Mitre Attack, and more. 


Managed Enterprise GitOps Platform

Powered by Flux CD

The Continuous Delivery (CD) tool loved by developers, with over 1 billion container images pulls since its inception.

From the creators of GitOps, Flux, and Flagger

Brought to you by the GitOps pioneers, Flux creators, and founding members of GitOps Working Group.

Ship Code at Cloud Native Speed

Automate your software deployments, safely and securely, with built-in developer guardrails using Trusted Delivery.

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Run your apps on Kubernetes one pull request at a time.

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