Production Grade Kubernetes for Your Enterprise

Operate an agile cloud native platform with GitOps

Unleash the agility, velocity and scalability of your enterprise with a cloud native platform from Weaveworks. Kubernetes reduces the complexity of dynamic container-based applications with intelligent scheduling and self-healing. Our Kubernetes platform ensures your critical infrastructure is reliable, secure and supported so you can focus on accelerating your business.

At Weaveworks we help enterprises achieve agility and cost savings with cloud native software. What makes us different is, we’ve been operating Kubernetes at scale since the early versions. Our developer-centric GitOps operating model is a proven system for managing Kubernetes in production.

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  • Reliable, stable and upstream version of Kubernetes
  • Unified cluster-API based installer for Kubernetes
  • Critical cluster addons for all major cloud platforms and on-premise versions
  • Node and cluster lifecycle management based on GitOps workflows
  • Inclusive cluster observability components:
  • Flexible monitoring and logging configuration
  • Prometheus, the best monitoring choice for Kubernetes

Choice of multiple add-ons:

  • Network authentication protocol (Kerberos)
  • Safe automatic node reboots (Kured)
  • Continuous and auditable deployment (Weave Flux)
  • Diff alerting on running and desired state (Kubediff)
  • Integration ready for third party metrics, logging and other tooling choices


Production Grade Operate Kubernetes reliably using workflows we’ve established from running Kubernetes extensively. Our GitOps workflows gives you the tools and practices you need to be successful.
Open Source Innovation The Kubernetes ecosystem is innovative and fast-moving. Benefit from the latest features by using the open source upstream Kubernetes - supported by our experts. Our component based approach gives you the flexibility to select the best elements for

your needs.

Pure Kubernetes We provide the upstream version of Kubernetes as close to the mainline version as possible, including stability and integration testing.
Flexible Components Kubernetes is only part of the solution. We provide additional components such as Helm, ingress support and on-time security patches needed to run an enterprise ready platform.
Multi-Cloud and on-premise  Run Kubernetes wherever you need it, whether on VM’s, bare metal or in the public cloud. Reduce complexity by using the same declarative approach across multiple environments.
Enterprise Integration Agility doesn’t happen in a vaccum. We can advise on integrating Kubernetes into existing systems easing migration. We understand the constraints of enterprise systems and can help you make the best choices for your team.
Critical 24/7 coverage  Your business and workloads operate around the clock and so do we. Our team operates 24/7 so whenever there’s a problem our experts are there to help. Operate with confidence - we’ve got your back!


Pricing is based on the number of Kubernetes nodes that you’re running in development or production. Our pricing scales with your use of Kubernetes. If you have specific environment, platform or elasticity requirements please contact us for a custom quote.

Cluster Type  Development Production
Coverage  1 business day  24 x 7
Critical Response N/A 1 hour
Contact Email and Web Phone, Email and Web
Minimum Nodes              
Maximum Nodes                
Annual Price  $1,500 $3,000

Add on Service: Site Reliability Engineering

For customers that want personalized care, advice and coaching. You will have a named expert at your side to develop your DevOps practices and handling support issues. Our SREs bring the latest DevOps skills, knowledge and experience to bear working with your team to help and provide knowledge transfer. Included are recommendations on design, deployment and more general operations problems.

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