Operate an agile cloud native platform with GitOps

Unleash the velocity and scalability of your enterprise with the Weave Kubernetes Platform (WKP). Reduce the complexity of operating Kubernetes with GitOps and enable your team to deliver fast and secure cloud native applications.  

Pick from a catalogue of platform add-ons for common use cases such as monitoring and machine learning and promote the correct deployment of apps and add-ons. 

Automate verification and testing needs for clusters, add-ons and apps in different environments (from development to staging to production) and simplify operations with reproducible stacks. 

Reduce day 2 operations problems with WKP’s  sophisticated cluster life-cycle management of maintenance, upgrades and patches to enable fleet management of clusters across multiple clouds and on-premise.

Watch the below demo to see how the multi-cluster manager UI can scale any managed cluster with GitOps.


  • Reliable, stable and pure upstream version of Kubernetes 
  • Unified cluster-API based installer for Kubernetes
  • Launch fully configured production ready clusters with quick start profiles 
  • Critical cluster extensions for all major cloud platforms and on-premise distributions
  • Node and cluster lifecycle management with GitOps, including security patches and cluster extension updates
  • Specify, audit and control changes to the Kubernetes configuration
  • Integration ready for third party metrics, logging and other observability tooling
  • Choose from a curated selection of Kubernetes extensions:
    • Ingress: NGINX for on-premise and ELB for EC2
    • WKP Web Interface
    • Open Policy Agent (OPA)
    • Flux and Helm operator
    • Prometheus monitoring configured for Kubernetes
    • Grafana dashboards


Modern Operations Weaveworks’ GitOps workflows are at the heart of the platform. Operate Kubernetes reliably using established workflows developed from running clusters extensively in large-scale production environments.  
One Team  One platform for both developers and operators. Share a single view of the health and state of the cluster and its workloads. Configure dashboards to send alerts when a cluster or workload state changes.
Kubernetes everywhere  Run Kubernetes wherever you need it, whether on VM’s, bare metal or in the public cloud. Reduce complexity with a common declarative approach across multiple environments.
Consistent Environments Models allow for repeatability and reproducibility - manage many clusters as easily as one. Use models to specify classes with all components, then deploy a new cluster from git with a single click. 
Enterprise Integration Agility doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Weaveworks understands the constraints of enterprise systems and can help your team make the best choices. The Weave Kubernetes platform is flexible and fits in any enterprise environment - even highly regulated ones.
Security  Define policy driven configuration, upgrades and alerts. Increase security and meet regulatory requirements with GitOps-based policy management for real-time visibility and access control across your clusters and applications.


Pricing is based on the number of Kubernetes nodes that are being run in development or production. Our pricing scales with your use of Kubernetes. If you have specific environment, platform or elasticity requirements please contact us for a custom quote. 


Cluster Type  Development Production
Coverage  Business day  24 x 7
Critical Response N/A 1 hour
Contact Email and Web Phone, Email and Web
Professional Services  
Professional Services  
Annual Price  $12,000
(up to 8 nodes)
$3,000 per node
(minimum 10 nodes)

Add-on service: Site Reliability Engineering

For customers that want personalized care, advice and coaching. You will have a named expert at your side to develop your DevOps practices and handling support issues. Our SREs bring the latest DevOps skills, knowledge and experience to bear working with your team to help and provide knowledge transfer. Included are recommendations on design, deployment and more general operations problems.

Contact us at sales@weave.works or request a demo