What’s covered in the support offering?

The subscription covers support for installing Kubernetes and operating a cluster. Kubernetes components and services such as networking, storage, ingress, secrets and templating. Our supported software listing has more details.

What makes your support subscription different?

Weaveworks experience and skillset resides in operating Kubernetes as a production system. Through those experiences we’ve built out a set of workflows to install, upgrade and run Kubernetes in production environments: we call these workflows GitOps. Partnering Kubernetes support with our management platform Weave Cloud gives you a complete system for developing and running Kubernetes-based workloads.

What cloud platforms does Weaveworks support?

We have validated support for running open source Kubernetes on AWS and GCP. We can also support teams that use GKE and EKS. We are more than happy to work with customers who are using other public clouds but haven’t worked closely with them to validate our installation and set-up approach. We also won't have particular experiences with other public clouds associated services (e.g. VPC).

How can you help us use Amazon’s EKS or Google’s GKE?

The managed Kubernetes’ clusters from Amazon and Google remove the operations drag of building and updating core Kubernetes. We also support teams who need to run Kubernetes to provide application infrastructure - whether that’s providing advice on the right policies or troubleshooting a service problem.

How do you support on-premise installs of Kubernetes?

For enterprise customers that need to deploy Kubernetes in their datacenter we support Kubernetes installs on Ubuntu or RHEL. For customers that want to use alternative host operating systems we will provide support but will not have validated our approach.

How do you support pure open source Kubernetes?

Kubernetes and the Cloud Native landscape is moving very fast and there’s a constant flow of new features. Weaveworks’ feels that the best version of Kubernetes to use is the pure upstream version, where we will support the last two major release streams (e.g. 10.x and 9.x) ensuring customers can progressively upgrade.

Will you support a packaged version of Kubernetes?

Most distributions ship Kubernetes as a package, for example RHEL and Ubuntu. We will support customer's use of Kubernetes packages as long as they are within the last two major releases. Distributions differ in how they resolve patch issues for customers, Weaveworks will work with the customer and the distribution to resolve any issue.

How will you fix issues in an Kubernetes' component?

Weaveworks uses a git-based process to distribute user-specific patches. We use automation to deploy patches to customers and Kubernetes’ rolling upgrade system to do zero-downtime upgrades. We work with the Kubernetes community to integrate patches into the upstream pristine version, ensuring our customers limit the time they are on any branch.

Will you support integrating Kubernetes with other vendors?

Many customers have existing investments across networking, storage and other enterprise technology. Weaveworks will support customers to integrate Kubernetes with their existing systems. Where an issue is caused by an interaction between Kubernetes and another vendors system as long as both elements are under an appropriate support contract we will work with the customer and third-party vendor to resolve.

Are workloads covered under the support subscription?

We’ll help you generally to deploy workloads into Kubernetes. Often this means supporting problems with a specific workload Kubernetes configuration (YAML). Our complementary service, Weave Cloud, helps teams to deploy, observe and operate workloads in Kubernetes - we highly recommend it!

How does it work if I have a development and production cluster?

As long as the development cluster size is below 8 nodes then the price is USD 12,000. The price for a production system is USD 3,000 per node, depending on the size of the cluster.

Do I get a discount for a large cluster?

Absolutely. We want to help you use Kubernetes to the maximum!

Will you install Kubernetes for customers?

We design, install and set-up Kubernetes clusters for customers as professional services engagements. Combined with our Kubernetes subscription and training this gives customers a complete solution. 

OK, I want it - how do I buy?

Yay! Contact us via sales@weave.works or fill out our contact form