What is Weave Cloud?

Weave Cloud is SaaS that allows DevOps teams to deploy, monitor and manage containers and microservices. Weave Cloud helps teams accelerate building and managing cloud-native applications. 

Weave Cloud is fully integrated with Docker Engine and all major orchestrators, including Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and AWS (ECS and EKS). Weave Cloud integrates with Docker and your chosen container orchestration platform(s). Weave Cloud works across datacenters and clouds, using any mix of orchestrators.

What is a node and how is it billed Weave Cloud?

A node is any Kubernetes machine that Weave Cloud manages, whether that is physical or virtual. The number of nodes in a Kubernetes cluster can vary. For this reason Weave Cloud charges for usage by recording each nodes use on a per second basis. At the end of each month you pay for the total usage. You only pay for what you use.

Is Weave Cloud a container orchestrator, like Kubernetes or Docker Swarm?

Weave Cloud works with a container orchestrator like Kubernetes to provide application management and observability on top of the orchestration layer. It easy to manage applications and microservices and integrates with your orchestrator of choice. An orchestrator is still required, such as Kubernetes or Docker Swarm. 

Weave Cloud helps development teams deploy and operate applications that use orchestration. It provides insight and control without developers having to become orchestration experts.

What is Weave Cloud's free tier for GCP?

Google Cloud Platform and Weave Cloud provide a powerful and free development stack that makes it even easier for developers to start with Kubernetes today.

By registering through GCP’s Launcher users are entitled to use Weave Cloud for free. In conjunction with GCP’s ‘always free’ tier this provides developers with a powerful and free development stack they can use to explore and start developing Kubernetes based applications.

Why should I use Weave Cloud on GCP?

Weave Cloud for Google Cloud adds all the capabilities of Weave Cloud using a simple set-up process. Billing is provided by the Google platform providing one fully integrated user experience. This special integration with GKE is available through the Google Launcher.

The main benefits are:

  • Setup of a complete Kubernetes cluster and CI/CD pipeline in minutes
  • Faster rollouts, upgrades, audit and rollbacks
  • Built-in metrics, alerts, insights and observability for Kubernetes apps
  • Migration between Kubernetes cluster, even across multiple cloud providers and on-premises
  • Use Git and pull requests for auditable and reliable roll out of configuration changes 

Is Weave Cloud really free on GCP?

The free tier lets developers create and operate complex applications with enough time to explore and understand the application and infrastructure. Each month the user is given another free allowance enabling them to learn at their own pace.

Weave Cloud calculates usage depending on the number of nodes that the user runs the agent on. The free allowance is 1 node’s worth of time per month. This enables you to run one node without interruption which aligns with Google’s free tier. We don’t restrict the number of nodes that the user runs, so a developer could run more nodes and shut them down after they’ve finished that development session.

Developers can use Weave Clouds deploy, explore and monitor on as as many of your own microservices as you like. This makes it easy to start porting an existing application or start on something completely new. 

How is the time allowance calculated for GCP marketplace customers?

To allow for the dynamic nature of orchestrated applications Weave Cloud calculates the number of nodes that were used in a month. The user receives a ‘free allowance’ equal to the number of hours within the current month. Enough to run one instance without interruption for the entire month. For example, in March this would be 744 hours of free usage as March has 744 hours (31 days x 24 hours).

We don’t restrict the number of nodes the user can run for free. They can use the free allowance to run a single node uninterrupted 24/7, or a larger number of nodes dividing the free allowance between them.

How is Weave Cloud integrated with Google Cloud Platform?

Weave Cloud is integrated with the Google Cloud Platform which brings together services from both platforms. Using a special set-up process (accessed via the GCP Launcher) Weave Cloud is attached to Google’s Kubernetes service. The integration gives developers and DevOps everything they need to explore Kubernetes and start building cloud native container applications without cost or complexity.

At the end of the set-up you will have:

  • Kubernetes cluster: A managed Kubernetes cluster on GCP.
  • Source code repository:  Application code can be stored in Google Cloud Source Repositories (GCSR).
  • Container builder: The ability to build containers using Googles platform (GCB/GCR). This creates a complete continuous deployment pipeline.
  • Health dashboards: simple dashboards to show the health of the cluster and your applications using Weave Cloud.
  • One-click app deployment: One-click deploy of any container into the Kubernetes cluster using Weave Cloud.
  • Simple visualization of cluster and apps: An interactive visual map that you can use to explore and understand Kubernetes and your application.
  • Metrics monitoring and alerting: default metrics and alerts for understanding the performance and reliability of the full stack.

Will I incur any charges when using the free tier on GCP?

Weave Cloud provides one node's worth of free time per month. This enables you to run one node without interruption for the entire month.  Each month the free node is replenished. As long as you stay below this limit no other charges will be made by Weaveworks.

Weave Cloud stores application and monitoring data to provide you with observability, metrics and alerts. This data is sent out of GCP to Weave Cloud which means you will incur network egress from GCP. The level of egress will depend on the number of metrics and services that your cluster provides.

Weave Cloud is used in conjunction with an orchestrator such as Kubernetes.  Google Cloud provides a managed Kubernetes called GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine). Your applications requirements will determine the size of your GKE cluster. You will incur additional charges from Google depending on the number of nodes and the CPU performance (GCE).

How can I change my billing information when using GCP?

When using using Weave Cloud through the GCP integration all billing information is stored on Google’s platform. To change your billing information, access billing information and make any queries please use your GCP account page.

Where can I get copy of the invoice when using GCP?

When using using Weave Cloud through the GCP integration all billing information is stored on Google’s platform. To view invoices please use your GCP account page.