Connect and secure container applications with minimal configuration and effort

Container Firewall: Security & Networking

Weave Net allows for flexible and easy to use virtual network infrastructure for containers and orchestrators.
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Network and Secure Docker and Kubernetes Containers - Resilient by Design

When the unexpected happens, you need to keep your container applications running. Weave Net routes around outages, automatically heals after partitions, and recovers when a host unexpectedly reboots.

Security with network policy & segmentation

Learn how to secure your app by defining Kubernetes Network Policy and having it enforced by Weave Net. See how you ensure not only secure cross-cloud communication but also add firewalls between containers to restrict network communications.




With built-in support for peer-to-peer encryption, traffic isolation, and segmentation, Weave Net is ideal for building secure networks, running in production environments, or for joining container deployments in public clouds over the internet.


Weave Net’s decentralized architecture and persistence strategy makes it the best choice for production container networks.


Weave implements service discovery by providing a fast "micro DNS" server at each node. Simply name containers and everything ‘just works’, including load balancing across multiple containers with the same name.

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