Deploy applications automatically by policy, delivering the latest features to production quickly

Continuous Delivery for Containers and Applications

Achieve faster deployment of containerized applications through repeatable and consistent delivery from laptop to scalable production across multiple clusters. Automate it or manually push, all with your preferred CI tool.
CICD for Kubernetes - What you need to know

Continuous Delivery with Containers

Weave Cloud publishes your application updates into the cluster with a version controlled config file. It adds an entirely new UI and system for comparing present and past states with versions to automate much of this functionality.

Faster Iteration with CI/CD

See how you can commit and push code with Weave Cloud and automatically deploy it to production.



Reliability and Speed

Achieve reliable automation through our best practices approach by version controlling the orchestrator manifests, and by modifying them to include all pushed container image versions, Weave Cloud allows for rapid and less error-prone code changes. Automatically watch for new images and update services in your cluster, according to the policy you supply.

Managing Complexity with Ease

Interrogate the release state of services in your cluster so you always know what’s been released and which version is being used. Weave Cloud allows for faster rollback and return of code to development if an error or failure occurs.

Interactive Labs

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Iterate Faster with Continuous Delivery

To ensure that all future changes are released in a reliable and repeatable way across the team, it's important that a Continuous Delivery pipeline is introduced. This ensures that code goes seamlessly from a development environment into production. See how Weave Cloud makes CD as easy as a “git push”.

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