Gain deep insights into application behavior

Prometheus Monitoring

No matter how dynamic your microservices environment, Weave Cloud's hosted, scalable Prometheus monitoring service lets you quickly identify issues with your app.
Monitoring Kubernetes - what you need to know

Scalable, cloud-native Prometheus Monitoring

Weave Cloud utilizes Weaveworks' open source project Weave Cortex. Cortex offers the same powerful query language, data model and configurable alerts as Prometheus, plus horizontal scalability and cloud-native storage for virtually infinite data retention.

Monitor your microservices metrics

See how Weaveworks is able to utilize Prometheus for detailed metrics collection that can be later utilized for querying historical data.



Scalable Monitoring

Weave Cloud includes a horizontally scalable, hosted Prometheus monitoring service. The Prometheus hosting helps engineers understand the behavior of their applications. Data is stored as a set of time-series, and can be queried using a concise and expressive query language. The sophisticated UI provides quick access to the underlying metrics. Data is retained for 13 months allowing users to step back through time to diagnose and analyse long-term trends. It includes the ability to visualize data and integrates with external services for dashboards.

Zero Configuration and Service Aware

Utilize automatic service discovery and monitoring of Docker container services and networks. A daemon monitors the creation of Docker services and networks dynamically enabling monitoring immediately. This is achieved through hot-reloading the monitoring service. No manual configuration is required ensuring that any new service or network is instantly enabled for monitoring.

Sophisticated Alerting Mechanism

Automated alerting can notify you of changes in the health of your service or a performance problem. Weave Cloud aggregates detailed application metrics across a cluster and from all layers of the stack in a dynamic environment. Avoid alert fatigue when integrating notification systems such as Pagerduty or Slack and allow the sophisticated rules based system to route alerts to different teams or services.

Prometheus as a service

Find out the benefits and use cases of Prometheus, as well as the advantages of Weave Cortex in our white paper, Application Monitoring with Weave Cortex.

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