Visualize, explore and troubleshoot container applications

Container Visualization & Troubleshooting

Observe and understand how applications and micro-services are connected together in containers, making complex troubleshooting and optimization simple.
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View hosts, containers and services in real-time

Observe your app as it gets deployed locally in development and in the cloud. Weave Scope helps you identify hard-to-find issues so you can troubleshoot and ensure the stability and performance of your containerized applications.

Troubleshooting Dashboard

Learn how you can use the visual map of processes, containers, network and hosts to explore your app and diagnose issues in real-time.



Intelligent Dashboard

Have direct visibility into your app and clusters. See the connections between processes, containers, and hosts, in a thoughtfully designed UI, allowing you to easily view and inspect specific containers and microservices.

Real-time Container Monitoring

Verify that microservices are running as intended in real-time. View contextual metrics, tags and metadata for your containers by clicking on a node to display its details panel.

Troubleshooting and Management

A convenient terminal window enables you to interact with your application and to troubleshoot and diagnose issues. You can stop, start, and pause your containers all within the same context.

Seamless Integration

Requires no code changes or configuration and can be deployed to any infrastructure.

Interactive Labs

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Troubleshooting Dashboard

In this scenario, you will use Weave Cloud to validate and troubleshoot your app on a development laptop and then compare it with a production environment.

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