Weave GitOps Enterprise (Datasheet)

Operate an agile cloud native platform with GitOps

Unlock the portability and scalability of your enterprise with Weave GitOps Enterprise. Reduce the complexity of operating Kubernetes with GitOps and enable your team to deliver fast and secure cloud native applications.

Deploy applications into any Kubernetes environment and automate building and operating a platform. Simplify operations by rolling out repeatable cluster stacks to different environments from development to staging to production. Reduce the complexity of managing a Kubernetes environment with Weave GitOps’ sophisticated cluster life-cycle management: use GitOps to deploy, maintain, upgrade and patch clusters across multiple clouds, on-premise and at the edge.


Continuous Application Delivery: Deploy containerized applications to any managed cluster with a simple Pull Request (PR). Automate the deployment of new versions through a CD pipeline from a developers machine through to production. Use Progressive Delivery to safely deploy new versions and automatically revert bad deployments.

Enterprise GitOps for any Cluster: Add GitOps management of workloads and cluster configuration as well as standard cluster components to your existing Kubernetes clusters. This enables Weave GitOps to work across multi-cloud environments with support for GitOps across any public cloud implementation of Kubernetes as well as on-premise installations.

Cluster Lifecycle Management: With GitOps at the heart of any operational model, easily manage and upgrade critical cluster extensions with zero downtime. Simplify cluster configuration management including security patches and cluster extension updates to create secure and reproducible cluster fleets across multiple environments.

Management Console: Weave GitOps Enterprise provides an intuitive web dashboard providing an overview of providing an overview of provisioned clusters, alerts, deployment pipelines, application catalogue and cluster template library.. Underneath everything is powered by GitOps, therefore cluster management and profile catalogues can also be utilized via Git pull request and enabling complete automation into everyday DevOps workflows.

Trusted Application Delivery: Adding policy as code to GitOps pipelines, guarantees security compliance, application resilience and coding standards from source to production. The addition of OPA (open policy agent) and Rego language ensures that security checks are completed before deployment; in addition to runtime drift detection and automatic remediation through GitOps.


Multi-cluster Observability & Control: The multi cluster-control panel allows operators to attach and control observability components to any Kubernetes cluster (managed or self hosted) gaining instant full-stack understandings. Manage all application lifecycles in a GitOps enabled cluster. Immediately detect drift and evaluate cluster health or even inform roll back actions as well as monitor continuous operations




Operate Kubernetes at scale reliably using established workflows developed from running cluster fleets extensively in large-scale production environments on-premise and across clouds. Weave GitOps workflows are at the heart and provide the tools and practices needed for success.

One Team

A single platform for both developers and operators. Share a common view of the health and state of the cluster and its workloads. Configure dashboards to send alerts when a cluster state or a workload state changes.

Kubernetes Everywhere

Run Kubernetes wherever you need it, whether on VM’s, bare metal or in the public cloud. Reduce complexity with a common declarative approach across multiple environments.

Audit & Security

GitOps provides an audit trail of who did what, and when to your cluster; it can be used to meet required regulation and compliance.  Policy as code can automate enforcement of the highest level of security standards. 

GitOps Anywhere

Simply add GitOps to any Kubernetes cluster without reprovisioning clusters first. The Git based management of cluster components, team workspaces and observability makes it simple for organizations with existing Kubernetes estates to migrate to GitOps.

Consistent Environments

Configuration in Git allows for repeatability and reproducibility - manage many clusters as easily as one. Use repositories to specify classes with all components, then deploy a new cluster from Git with a single click.

Self Service

Self service guaranteed cluster management reduces the bottleneck on operations staff, providing great developer autonomy. Sensitive cloud platform keys do not need to be distributed, enhancing security.


Get real-time feedback and control loops using built-in observability where problems can be detected and tracked down, preventing and recovering from entire cluster meltdowns more quickly, and reducing mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to locate (MTTL). 

Enterprise Integration

Agility doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Weaveworks understands the constraints of enterprise systems and can help your team make the best choices. Weave GitOps Enterprise is flexible and fits in any enterprise environment - even highly regulated ones.

Add-on service: Site Reliability Engineering

For customers that want personalized care, advice and coaching. You will have a named expert at your side to help you develop your DevOps practices and handle support issues. Our SREs bring the latest DevOps skills, knowledge and experience to bear working with your team to help and provide knowledge transfer. Included are recommendations on design, deployment and more general operations problems.

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