Weave GitOps Enterprise (Datasheet)

Empowering Platform & Application Teams: A Closer Look at Weave GitOps Enterprise Features

Unlock the portability and scalability of your enterprise with Weave GitOps Enterprise. Reduce the complexity of operating Kubernetes with GitOps and enable your team to deliver fast and secure cloud native applications.

Weave GitOps Enterprise is a full-stack GitOps platform that helps platform and developer teams be effective at cloud-native from day 1, with security and scale. Powered by Flux CD, Flagger, and other leading open-source tools, Weave GitOps Enterprise enables teams to automate the software delivery lifecycle post continuous integration and easily deploy applications into any Kubernetes cluster.


Application Management & Delivery

Application teams face multiple hurdles while onboarding tenant applications. These encompass navigating multi-tenant constraints, managing multiple application pipelines, addressing scalability concerns, and adhering to stringent compliance requirements. At Weaveworks, we understand all of these concerns and have crafted a suite of features tailored specifically to streamline this process.

1. Application Pipelines:

Simplify the process of moving applications across various environments, be it testing, development, or production. With Weave GitOps Enterprise, you can establish delivery pipelines for applications packaged as Helm Charts, ensuring smooth transitions through different stages of your Kubernetes workflow. This leads to improved speed, reliability, and operational efficiency in your deployments. Watch how.

Pipelines View

2. GitOpsSets:

GitOpsSets enable Platform Operators to have a single resource definition for an application for multiple environments and a fleet of clusters. Leveraging generators, GitOpsSets automates the application resource management. This feature simplifies the complex process of defining repetitive, individual parameters and variables by abstracting them to a single definition, making it fast and easy to configure and deploy multiple environments. Learn more.

3. Progressive Delivery:

Minimize deployment risks by leveraging rollout tactics like canary, A/B, and blue-green deployments. Weave GitOps Enterprise’ Progressive Delivery capability acts as a protective barrier for new application versions, significantly lowering the chances of system-wide failures and downtimes. Attain a higher level of command over your deployments, permitting testing and fine-tuning before full implementation, thereby guaranteeing optimal application performance.Learn in depth.

4. Trusted Application Delivery:

This feature can help you prioritize security and compliance by automating policy enforcement during your deployments. It allows platform teams to define and enforce security and compliance policies, ensuring that your applications are always protected. This can help you simplify compliance to both organizational and regulatory benchmarks, and give you greater confidence in your deployment processes. Explore how.

5. Team Workspaces:

Weave GitOps Enterprise's Team Workspaces feature can help you enhance organization and collaboration within multi-tenant environments. This feature allows you to create separate workspaces for different teams and projects, so that each team can have its own dedicated resources and permissions. This can help you streamline your Kubernetes management process, reduce complexity, drive innovation and boost team’s productivity. Learn how.

Platform Operations

Platform operations teams often face challenges in managing Kubernetes clusters, such as configuration and version management, and resource allocation. Weave GitOps Enterprise makes GitOps a reality by implementing the core principles of GitOps. It’s equipped with a multitude of features designed specifically to address challenges of Platform teams.

1. Cluster Fleet Management:

Simplify the lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters using Cluster API (CAPI), Terraform, or Crossplane. This feature allows you to manage clusters across different environments and platforms, ensuring smooth performance and efficient handling of cluster-related tasks. Watch it in action.

2. Dynamic Automation with GitOpsSets:

Efficient and reliable infrastructure management using dynamic templates. This feature can be used to automate the management of Terraform resources, synchronize secrets, and dynamically generate application resources based on changes. It saves you time and effort, and help you keep your infrastructure aligned with the current state of your applications. Read how.

3. Terraform Controller:

The Terraform Controller can streamline infrastructure automation and provisioning. Manage Terraform resources easier than ever, view plans, auto-apply cloud resources, detect drift, and support multi-tenant deployments. Simplify infrastructure management tasks, ensure consistency, and reduce complexity in your deployments. Watch the demo.

Terraform Controller

4. Policy Controls via Weave Policy Agent:

The integrated Weave Policy Agent can help you strengthen governance and security across your Kubernetes environment. This feature allows you to define and enforce policies to ensure consistency, reduce human error, and meet compliance standards. This can help you enhance security, reduce risk, and maintain control over your deployments. Explore how.

5. Secrets Management:

Weave GitOps Enterprise's Secrets Management feature can help you enhance security by providing built-in support for managing secrets using SOPS or External Secrets Operator (ESO). This feature provides visibility and control over secret status, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive information. This can help organizations strengthen security practices and maintain compliance standards effortlessly.

Secrets Management

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