Continuous delivery platform to run applications in any Kubernetes

Unleash the velocity and scalability of your enterprise with Weave GitOps. Reduce the complexity of operating Kubernetes with GitOps. 

Most workloads are already defined in Git which immediately allows teams to experience cloud native app delivery with Weave GitOps. Once your dev teams become comfortable deploying in Kubernetes from Git, Ops can support them by kicking in Weave GitOps’ continuous operations capabilities for day 2 operations: custom cluster package management, multi cluster control plane and more. 

Weave GitOps ensures that critical infrastructure is reliable, secure and supported so developers can focus on accelerating the business by becoming better at developing software.


Weaveworks has been helping enterprises create a cloud native reference architecture for almost a decade. We’ve now encapsulated such expertise in Weave GitOps to deliver this accumulated knowledge out of the box. The GitOps operating model is a proven system for managing and configuring Kubernetes in production created by us and now under the CNCF’s stewardship. We are focusing on building the first GitOps product: Weave GitOps.


  • Source configuration from Git and Helm repositories, and S3-compatible buckets (e.g., Minio)
  • Kustomize and Helm support
  • Event-triggered and periodic reconciliation
  • Integration with Kubernetes RBAC
  • Health assessment (clusters and workloads)
  • Dependency management (infrastructure and workloads)
  • Alerting to external systems (webhook senders)
  • External events handling (webhook receivers)
  • Automated container image updates to Git (image scanning and patching)
  • Policy-driven validation (OPA, Kyverno, admission controllers)
  • Seamless integration with Git providers (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket)
  • Interoperability with workflow providers (GitHub Actions, Tekton, Argo)
  • Interoperability with Cluster API (CAPI) providers
  • Application management UI
  • GitOps native package manager
  • Cluster fleet management

Multitenant Team Workspaces: Enable GitOps across multiple namespaces on the same cluster aligned with various engineering teams. Team Workspaces significantly simplifies the management and portability of applications by allowing engineers to collaborate effectively across teams, clusters and repositories. Operate across separate teams or environments on a single cluster with the security in place that gives each team control of its own tenant

Policy and Auditing: GitOps already improves the security and auditing of operations by enforcing a “pull request” where every change to a cluster is authorized and logged. Weave GitOps Enterprise adds the ability to specify role-based access control using Git-based rules managed through pull request and enforces the access to policies across namespaces.


Multi-cluster Observability & Control: The multi-cluster control plane allows cluster operators to attach and control observability components to any Kubernetes cluster (managed or self hosted) and gain instant full-stack understandings. Manage all application lifecycles in a GitOps enabled cluster. Immediately detect drift and evaluate cluster health or even inform roll back actions as well as monitor continuous operations.



Kickstart cloud native app delivery Operate Kubernetes reliably using established GitOps workflows developed from running clusters extensively in large-scale production environments. Weave GitOps’ workflows provide the tools and practices needed to be successful in any cloud.
Open Source Innovation The Kubernetes ecosystem is innovative and fast-moving. Benefit from the latest features by using popular open source projects - supported by Weaveworks' experts. Contribute any feature you might miss to the Weave GitOps Core project which will always be free and open source.
Any Kubernetes  Weave GitOps supports almost any trusted Kubernetes distribution in the market: EKS, EKS-D, AKS, Openshift and many others.
GitOps Package Management Kubernetes is only part of the solution. Easily install additional modules such as Helm, ingress support and other open source components needed to run a complete platform.
Multicloud and on-premise Run Kubernetes wherever you need it, whether on VM’s, bare metal or in the public or private cloud. Reduce complexity with a common declarative approach across multiple environments.
Enterprise Integration Agility doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Weaveworks can advise on integrating Kubernetes into existing systems to ease migration. We understand the constraints of enterprise systems and can help you make the best choices for your team.
Critical 24/7 coverage Your business and workloads operate around the clock and so do we. Our team operates 24/7 so whenever there’s a problem our experts are there to help. Operate with confidence - we’ve got your back!

Add-on service: Site Reliability Engineering

For customers that want personalized care, advice and coaching. You will have a named expert at your side to develop your DevOps practices and handling support issues. Our SREs bring the latest DevOps skills, knowledge and experience to bear working with your team to help and provide knowledge transfer. Included are recommendations on design, deployment and more general operations problems.

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