Getting Support

If you are an existing Weave Cloud or Kubernetes Support customer or are in your free 14-day trial period for Weave Cloud, please email:

Connect with the Community 

We have an active community on Slack "" ; to invite yourself visit

Demo and Training

If you are interested in an annual pricing or large volume discount for Weave Cloud or partnerships please contact sales.

Community Support for Open Source Projects (Cortex, Flux, Net, Scope)

Need help using, configuring or integrating one of our open source projects?

  • Join us on Slack, our community of users can help!
  • File issues and contribute to the open source products on Github

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Security Bug Bounty Program

At Weaveworks we take security very seriously, and value our close relationship with members of the security community. In recognition of the valuable contributions of security researchers Weaveworks maintains a Vulnerability Reward Program (aka Bug Bounty) and rewards bounties of up to $1000 for serious security issues.