The only CLI tool for cluster creation on Amazon EKS.


Create a cluster in minutes with just one command and manage the entire cluster lifecycle with GitOps.

Create an Amazon EKS cluster with one command

Jointly developed by AWS and Weaveworks eksctl automates much of the experience of creating EKS clusters. eksctl is written in Go and makes use of AWS CloudFormation. Here is what happens when you run ‘eksctl create cluster’:

  • Sets up the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Role for the master control plane to connect to EKS.
  • Creates the Amazon VPC architecture, and the master control plane.
  • Brings up instances, and deploys the ConfigMap so nodes can join the cluster.
  • Provides access to the cluster with a pre-defined kubeconfig file.
eksctl CLI tool


GitOps cluster management

Add and remove cluster components with git-based workflows. eksctl uses GitOps to take care of installing, configuring, upgrading and maintaining production ready Kubernetes clusters on EKS, including control plane upgrades.

Extensible production ready cluster

Add popular extensions with GitOps for complete end to end cluster management. Choose from Weave Net, Helm, AWS CI tools like CodeCommit, CodeBuild, ECR, Jenkins X, AWS CodeStar, as well as Weave Scope and Weave Flux.

Automatic scalability

No need to manually scale nodes through the AWS interface. Create autoscale groups easily on the command line without switching contexts with eksctl. Use a single nodegroup to automatically scale across multiple zones.

Simple, flexible VPC networking

eksctl builds a dedicated VPC that can be configured to peer with other VPCs, made larger or smaller, work with a private subnet, or customized and used with your existing VPC, for example a Kops network.

Runs on your favourite OS

Install and run eksctl on the OS of your choice: Linux (curl), Windows (chocolatey) and MacOS (homebrew)

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