Fast and secure Kubernetes clusters

Weave Firekube with Kubernetes Anywhere

Firekube is an open source Kubernetes distribution that enables secure clouds anywhere.
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Fast, lean and secure Kubernetes clusters

Weave Firekube is an open source and lean bundle, making Kubernetes cluster creation easy and fast. Firekube uses Weave Ignite to run Kubernetes Anywhere on VMs as if they were containers that can natively access CNI networks and CSI storage. And since Firecracker VMs are isolated, they are also secure. 


GitOps enabled light-weight clusters

Firekube detects your operating system, be that on your laptop or in the cloud, and pulls everything from Git, booting up a secure cluster from nothing in about 2.5 minutes.

Fast startup and teardown

Rapid cluster startup and teardown make Firekube especially suited to use with serverless functions, testing, laptop development or even data migration across nodes and VMs.

Scale from zero to production

With native cluster API support, Firekube clusters can use standard Kubernetes plugins for CNI networking, and CSI storage.

Weave Firekube is part of Weave Kubernetes Platform.

Together with WKSctl, WKP provides greater choice, and enterprise support.

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