Simple Automation and Control for Advanced Deployments to Kubernetes


Automate and manage canary and other advanced deployments with Istio, Linkerd, AWS App Mesh or NGINX for traffic shifting. Integrated Prometheus metrics control canary deployment success or failure.

Complete end to end control over canary deployments with Flagger

Flagger implements a control loop that gradually shifts traffic to the canary while measuring key performance indicators like HTTP requests success rate, requests average duration and pods health. Based on the set thresholds, a canary is either promoted or aborted and its analysis is pushed to a Slack channel.


What is Flagger? Flagger is a progressive delivery tool that converts the release process for applications using Kubernetes to automatic operation.  Flagger also shrinks the threat of a new software version in production by moving traffic to the new software version while measuring and running tests on metrics and conformance. Have more questions about Flagger and Weave Cloud? Find out more in Flagger GitHub.

Benefits of Flagger with Weave Cloud

Automated GitOps pipelines

Build fully automated GitOps pipelines for Canary deployments with Flagger and Weave Cloud. Connect to your git repo where any changed manifests and Helm charts are automatically synced by the GitOps operator.

Safer deployments

Reduce the risk of app downtime by controlling and automating canary promotions with Prometheus metrics. Set error threshold metrics to determine when to promote a deployment, and whether it should abort and rollback.

Flexible traffic routing

Shift and route traffic between canary deployments using a service mesh like Istio, Envoy or AWS App Mesh. Not using a service mesh? Not a problem. An ingress controller like NGINX can also be used to shift traffic.

Integrated webhooks

Extend a canary analysis with webhooks and run acceptance tests, load tests or any other type of custom validation.

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