The GitOps Kubernetes Operator


What is Flux, or Flux Kubernetes? Flux is the operator that makes GitOps happen in your cluster. It ensures that the cluster config matches the one in git and automates your deployments.

Ship features faster

The Flux framework enables continuous delivery of container images, using version control for each step to ensure deployment is reproducible, auditable and revertible. Deploy code as fast as your team creates it, confident that you can easily revert if required.

Flux was created at Weaveworks.

Flux in short:

  • Flux provides GitOps for both apps and infrastructure
  • Just push to Git and Flux does the rest
  • Flux works with your existing tools
  • Flux works with any Kubernetes and all common Kubernetes tooling
  • Flux does Multi-Tenancy (and “Multi-everything”)
  • Flux alerts and notifies
  • Users trust Flux
  • Flux has a lovely community that is very easy to work with!

Learn more about GitOps

Since March 2021, Flux is a CNCF Incubation project.

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Automate Deployment

Automation is critical to gain efficiencies from lean deployment. Flux watches for new images and updates services in your cluster according to the policy you supply – automatically.

Increase Speed and Reliability

Make code changes faster and with fewer errors with the Flux framework. Following best practices, Flux provides version control for Kubernetes manifests, and modifies them to include all pushed image versions.

Troubleshoot Efficiently

Eliminate manual, error-prone upgrades. A Flux install makes it easy to troubleshoot efficiently, so you can see which deployment resulted in issues, and roll back or restore previous versions.

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