Network containers across any environment

Weave Net

Quickly, easily, and securely network and cluster containers across any environment. Whether on premises, in the cloud, or hybrid, there’s no code or configuration.

Build an ‘invisible infrastructure’

Weave Net is a powerful cloud native networking toolkit. It creates a virtual network that connects Docker containers across multiple hosts and enables their automatic discovery. Set up subsystems and sub-projects that provide DNS, IPAM, a distributed virtual firewall and more.

Net is so easy to use, you may even forget it’s there – we like to call this: ‘invisible infrastructure’.

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Resilience and Scaling

Net’s mesh architecture and gossip protocol are key to its resilience and ability to tolerate, then recover from, network partitions. Whether you’re connecting containers on-premise, in a cloud, across multiple clouds or any combination of these, Weave Net just works.

Performance Without Complexity

Net is incredibly easy to use. Built on a decentralized architecture, Net doesn’t depend on an external configuration service for coordination and storage that must be highly available and ready to use.

Secure Networking at Enterprise Level

Weave Net can encrypt traffic between nodes, with performance that is only fractionally less than that available on the host, between uncontainerized applications. Combine this with our distributed virtual firewall and network policy controller to create a secure, encrypted network with container-to-container access control rules.

Service Discovery

Weave Net implements service discovery by providing a fast "micro DNS" server at each node. DNS looks ups are always local and offer great performance. Weave DNS can also be used to create a simple and intuitive Service Discovery mechanism – ideal on container services like Amazon ECS.

Multicast Networking

Weave Net enables UDP multicast even if the underlying network doesn’t support it, as is the case at many public cloud providers. Applications with clustering or messaging built on multicast – like those commonly used in financial services – can now deploy to and gain the benefits of public cloud using Weave Net.

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