Automatically detects processes, containers and hosts

Weave Scope

Understand your application quickly by seeing it in a real time interactive display. Pick open source or cloud hosted options.

Zero configuration or integration required — just launch and go.

Weave Scope automatically detects processes, containers, hosts. No kernel modules, no agents, no special libraries, no coding. Seamless integration with Docker, Kubernetes, DCOS and AWS ECS.

Weave Scope: Zero configuration or integration required


Real-Time View

See your Docker hosts, containers and services in real time. Easily identify and correct issues to ensure the stability and performance of your containerized applications.

Drill Down

View metrics, tags and metadata within the context of a process, container, service or host. Effortlessly navigate from processes inside your container to Docker hosts.

Access and Control

Stop, start, pause and restart containers. View logs. Launch a command line. All without leaving Scope.

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