Kubernetes configuration management the GitOps way

WKSctl - Kubernetes Configuration Management Tools

WKSctl is a command line interface that uses GitOps to configure and manage application clusters, policy, including the operational automation and cross-cloud management of clusters.
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Kubernetes configuration management with GitOps

Kubernetes clusters don't have to be difficult or expensive. Unlike traditional installers, WKSctl implements a GitOps control loop to enforce correct and consistent cluster deployments every time

Keep your Kubernetes cluster configuration consistent from development all the way through to production, and across different infrastructure environments.


GitOps cluster management

Instantly set up clusters with GitOps, whether you’re running on Docker, Virtual Machines, public clouds, private data centres or air-gapped.

On-demand, reproducible clusters

Create production-grade clusters in a single step. Spin up a fully compliant cluster with pre-configured Kubernetes development tools and add-ons such as Flux, Helm, and Prometheus.

Continuous cluster verification

Keep clusters in a verifiably correct state based on a single source of truth kept in Git. GitOps enforces a control loop to verify and correct changes to the whole system and simplify run-time cluster and add-on management, and upgrades.

Pure upstream Kubernetes

WKSctl works with upstream Kubernetes. Since it doesn’t rely on forked or diverged versions, easily patch, upgrade and update cluster add-ons and Kubernetes with GitOps.

WKSctl is also part of Weave Kubernetes Platform.

Together with Weave Firekube, WKP provides greater choice, and enterprise support.

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