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Accelerate your journey to Amazon EKS with GitOps

Excited about the opportunities of Cloud Native development, GitOps, and Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) - but not sure how to navigate your organization to the path to success? Weaveworks EKS + GitOps QuickStart is a comprehensive package to design, build, and operate EKS in production using the GitOps methodology.
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Create an Amazon EKS cluster with one command

Jointly developed by AWS and Weaveworks eksctl automates much of the experience of creating EKS clusters. eksctl is written in Go and makes use of AWS CloudFormation. With just one command create a cluster in minutes and manage it’s entire lifecycle with GitOps. In addition to GitOps-driven configuration management, these are some of the other eksctl features:

  • Extensible production-ready cluster: Add popular extensions with GitOps for complete end-to-end cluster management. Choose from Weave Net, Helm, AWS CI tools like AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR), and AWS CodeStar, as well as Jenkins X, Weave Scope, and Weave Flux.

  • Automatic scalability: Create Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Groups easily from the command line.

  • Simple, flexible VPC networking: Build a dedicated VPC that can be configured to peer with other VPCs, made larger or smaller, work with a private subnet, or customized and used with your existing VPC.

  • Runs on your favorite OS: Install and run eksctl on the OS of your choice: Linux (curl), Windows (chocolatey), or MacOS (homebrew).

Read EKS user guide for a deep dive.

Customer Success Stories 

FIDEKS - GitOps driven “Augmented K8S Platform for Enterprise”

At a recent KubeCon Rajarajan Pudupatti, Cloud Platform Architect at Fidelity Investments and Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks delivered a practical use case and an explanation of how Kubernetes and GitOps was successfully implemented into a large financial organization.

Mettle builds self-service Kubernetes platform with GitOps on AWS

GitOps provides Mettle's engineering teams with the tools that they are already familiar with - namely Git. This not only increases internal adoption rates, but it also significantly decreases the learning curve. 

mettle-on_demand.pngThe Mettle teams were also able to update and release new features 75% faster without learning the intricate details of Kubernetes itself. It also enables a self-service model for their developers that reduces the overhead of lifecycle management for both workloads and clusters with minimal involvement from the Platform Team.

Tune in to our on demand webinar or download the case study and see how to make operators successful at any scale.

NAB accelerates their path to production ready Kubernetes on AWS

National Australia Bank or NAB is Australia’s largest business bank serving 9,000,000 customers at more than 900 locations around the world.  

“We turned to Weaveworks because of their extensive EKS and Kubernetes experience, including their close partnership with AWS. With Weaveworks’ proven track record of running Kubernetes in production, we wanted to bring new thinking into our organization to accelerate our learnings,” Nicola Le Poidevin, Head of Technology Wealth Management Digital 

Read the full case study to learn more on how GitOps helped NAB streamline cluster lifecycle management processes and get into production faster on EKS.


Automating Kubernetes with Amazon EKS and GitOps

Anyone wanting to use GitOps in production knows the importance of solid configuration management for secure and reliable clusters. Operating Kubernetes requires you to reduce complexity and to automate as much as possible. Weaveworks’ eksctl manages and configures the entire cluster stack with GitOps. Eksctl is the official command line interface for provisioning clusters on Amazon EKS. More than just a CLI for cluster creation, eksctl provides you with a declarative definition of your infrastructure using a single source of truth.

Automating Kubernetes with Amazon EKS and GitOps

In this video Michael Hausenblas, Developer Advocate at AWS and Kalbir Sohi, eksctl Product Manager at Weaveworks demonstrate how to get started, what config management with GitOps on EKS looks like and what patterns to use for managing multiple environments and clusters.


Why GitOps on AWS

Intro to GitOps

Learn the 4 principles of GitOps for creating an enhanced developer experience which increases productivity. A live demo will show how to boost stability and reliability in Kubernetes environments, integrating security right from the start.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Learn how to leverage Weave Kubernetes Platform and GitOps to create disaster recovery plans and highly available clusters with minimal effort on EKS. A live demo will show how to build for reproducibility, security and scale from the start as well as create GitOps driven cluster and lifecycle management.

Managing governance, risk and compliance

Learn how GitOps workflows can provide a separation of concerns between development and deployment, automate transparency and auditability and reduce risk through rollback and logging.

High performing team operations

Learn how GitOps can help teams release updates and feature more rapidly without knowing internals of EKS and operators can reduce overhead for lifecycle management of workloads and clusters.

GitOps on AWS for High Performing Team Operations

Realize the full value of Kubernetes by leveraging GitOps to manage operational complexity

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