Bella Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark (At KubeCon Europe)

Workshop: Your Path to Production-ready Kubernetes

Join the Weaveworks and AWS experts for a full-day (9am - 5pm) hands-on workshop at KubeCon Europe to learn how to define “production-ready” Kubernetes and the implications when developing, operating, and scaling your Kubernetes microservices.

Topics will include:

  • Developing and operating your Kubernetes microservices at scale
  • DevOps best practices and the movement towards a “GitOps” approach
  • Building with Kubernetes in production: caring for your apps, implementing CI/CD best practices, and utilizing the right metrics, monitoring tools, and automated alerts
  • Operating Kubernetes in production: Upgrading and managing Kubernetes, managing incident response, and adhering to security best practices for Kubernetes

Lunch, refreshments and snacks will be provided.

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