Hardening Your CI/CD Pipelines with GitOps and Continuous Security

Join us for a webinar on how to secure your CI/CD pipeline for Kubernetes with GitOps best practices and continuous runtime protection.  As modern developers and DevOps teams are embarking on a quest for speed and reliability through automated CI/CD pipelines for Kubernetes, enterprises still need to ensure security and regulatory compliance. 

Together with Deepfence, the Weaveworks team will explain and demonstrate how GitOps continuous delivery pipelines, combined with continuous security observability, improves the overall security of your development workflow - from Git to production.  

In this webinar we will demonstrate:

  • Deepfence container scanning
  • Git-to-Kubernetes using FluxCD
  • Deepfence continuous runtime security

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GitOps Days 2021

GitOps Days is back! Two days packed with sessions from GitOps practitioners across the cloud-native ecosystem who will be sharing their experience in adopting and scaling GitOps practises. 

Agenda will shortly be announced but keynote speakers currently include:

  • Justin Cormack, CTO, Docker
  • Katie Gamanji, Ecosystem Advocate, CNCF
  • Lee (Harry) Zang, Staff Engineer, Alibaba Cloud

Whether you’ve been wanting to learn about GitOps for the first time or you want to take your GitOps knowledge to the next level, this event is for you!

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