FOSDEM '18 - Let's talk Go and Grafanalib

Weaveworks Director of Engineering, Bryan Boreham (@bboreham), will be attending FOSDEM '18 and giving a couple of interesting talks. If you’re heading to the show, be sure to check out his sessions:

1) Make your Go go faster! 

Optimising performance through reducing memory allocations

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2) Grafanalib - Dashboards as Code

A lightning-fast introduction to Grafanalib, a small Python library that lets you create dashboards as code.

Talk details

If you’re heading out earlier, there’s also a Pre-FOSDEM warm-up with Kubernetes meetup taking place on Friday, February 2, 2018 at 7:00 PM. Visit the meet-up page to learn more and to RSVP to attend.

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Online Webinar

Webinar: Automating continuous delivery with Kubernetes, Google Cloud and Git

Continuous delivery helps agile software teams deliver better software, faster. We'll show you how to use Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform and Weave Cloud to create a powerful continuous delivery pipeline. Speed without measurement doesn't tell us if we're progressing, so we'll also discuss the role observability and metric monitoring play in moving to multiple releases a day.

Learn how to build a complete continuous delivery pipeline with Kubernetes, Google Kubernetes Engine and Weave Cloud. We will set up a Kubernetes pipeline in minutes on Google Cloud Platform and utilize one-click app deployments with Weave Cloud. Finally we deploy multiple times per day with a simple push to git.


Join William Denniss (Product Manager at Google Cloud) and Craig Wright (Customer Success Engineer at Weaveworks) for an online webinar and see how easy it is to set up a continuous deployment pipeline when using Kubernetes, Google Cloud and Weave Cloud.

Topics will include:

  • Using GKE to create new clusters
  • Integrating Continuous Delivery into a CI pipeline
  • Using GitOps to drive deployments
  • Measuring progress though metrics
  • Alerting and reverting deployments

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