WORKSHOP: Real-World GitOps: Weave GitOps, Flagger, and Linkerd

In this second of two sessions, you'll join Buoyant and Weaveworks (the creators of Linkerd and Flux) for a hands-on deep dive into how to use Flux, Flagger, and Linkerd to set up GitOps-driven continuous deployment and progressive deployment in real-world production-ready scenarios. 

We'll start with initial installation and configuration of production-ready Flux, Flagger, and Linkerd; work through continuous delivery in a highly-available world; and end with progressive delivery and canary deployments deep in the application call graph.

What you'll get out of this

  • Understand the needs of production-ready Flux, Linkerd, and Flagger deployments
  • Know how to use Flux for real-world continuous delivery of Linkerd, Flagger, and application code
  • Be able to use Flagger for progressive delivery and canary deployments of any part of the application

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