James Governor from Redmonk discusses: DX, Guardrails, Golden Paths & Policy Management in Kubernetes

Watch our latest on demand webinar where James Governor, Redmonk discusses the increasing importance of DevEx. How can organizations embrace a superior developer experience that results in production excellence? What about security implications when enabling self service? Is platform engineering the golden path forward?

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On-demand Webinar: Trusted Application Delivery - Achieving Ultimate Security

The decentralized nature of cloud infrastructure has significantly increased the threat landscape; thus raising serious security issues and concerns many companies grapple with. Trusted delivery allows organizations to build and run containerized artifacts that are guaranteed while image generation pipelines are key to a secure environment. Arindam Chatterji, Solutions Architect at AWS and Leonardo Murillo, Principal Partner Architect at Weaveworks dive deep into shifting security left and accelerating the adoption of DevSecOps practices.

Watch this on-demand webinar recap where we discuss how to simplify the shifting left of security and accelerate the adoption of DevSecOps practices with GitOps on EKS.

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On demand: Securing end-to-end Deployments with GitOps

Weave GitOps and Flagger enables DevOps teams to build continuous and progressive delivery pipelines that accelerate release frequency without compromising stability and security.

In this on-demand webinar, we show how simple it is to set up CI/CD automation across various stages in your software lifecycle. We walk you through building an automated deployment pipeline that easily handles canary releases, feature flagging or other progressive release patterns.

Topics covered:

  • How Weave GitOps enables CICD automation to manage the workflow from staging to production.
  • Why progressive delivery is a catalyst for security, stability and speed.
  • How to set up a progressive deployment pipeline with Weave GitOps and Flagger.
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Virtual Event

Cloud Native Live: VSCode and Flux: Testing the new (unreleased!) OCI Repository feature

The Flux project continues in active development with the addition of OCI configuration planned in the GA roadmap. Another Flux advancement has been the creation of the new VSCode Extension which provides a convenient interface to Flux that can help reduce friction moving between editor and terminal, alleviating the headache of context switching overloading developer focus. Flux maintainer Kingdon Barrett will demonstrate the pre-release of Flux's new OCI features and a convenient way to access them while they remain in pre-release so you can provide the feedback that is needed by Flux maintainers to make this feature a success!

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