Weekly Kubernetes Automation - Weave Cloud Demo and Q&A

If you’re looking to deploy, observe and control Kubernetes clusters, this is a live demo of how to do this with Weave Cloud. Whether you’re considering Weave Cloud or you just signed up, this demo will walk you through a Weave Cloud overview and help you with your questions as you get started.

In this session, our Weaveworks team will walk you through Weave Cloud basics and recently released features so that you can:
  • Set up workload dashboards for observing deployments
  • Gain full observability and monitoring data from Prometheus analytics
  • Troubleshoot containers and networking

Each weekly session will be scheduled for 30 mins with the option to extend up to 45 mins if there are many questions.

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Weekly Kubernetes Networking and Weave Net Q&A

If you use Weave Net (, you know that it is one of the most widely used technologies to network your Kubernetes clusters. Join these office hours to ask your questions with our engineers, other users, and contributors!

Weave Net creates a virtual network that connects Docker containers across multiple hosts and enables their automatic discovery. With Weave Net, portable microservices-based applications consisting of multiple containers can run anywhere: on one host, multiple hosts or even across cloud providers and data centers. Applications use the network just as if the containers were all plugged into the same network switch, without having to configure port mappings, ambassadors or links.
Services provided by application containers on the Weave network can be exposed to the outside world, regardless of where they are running. Similarly, existing internal systems can be opened to accept connections from application containers irrespective of their location.


October 15th:  10 am PT / 6pm GMT+1

October 22nd:  10 am PT / 6pm GMT+1

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Developing with Kubernetes - Office Hours

Are you looking to develop and push your apps to Kubernetes? Whether you are maintaining your own cluster or using a hosted services, there’s quite a bit that you need to know to have the best experience. For instance, how do you develop and test an app to run well on Kubernetes? What should be in your dev toolkit?

10-15 mins Intros and short presentation on the topic to kick off the conversation
15 mins office hours Q&A and discussion
15 mins extra time as needed

The schedule may change to be flexible to requests.

October 11th:  10am PT / 6pm GMT - eksctl Internals and How to Contribute

October 18th:  10am PT / 6pm GMT - GitOps Automated

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KubeCon (Seattle, USA)

Workshop: Your Path to Production Ready Kubernetes

Join this workshop and accelerate your journey to production-ready Kubernetes by learning the practical techniques for reliably operating your software lifecycle using the GitOps pattern. The Weaveworks team will be running a full-day workshop at KubeCon in Seattle, sharing their expertise as users and contributors of Kubernetes and Prometheus, as well as followers of GitOps (operations by pull request) practices.

Using a combination of instructor led demonstrations and hands-on exercises, the workshop will enable the attendee to go into detail on the following topics:

  • Developing and operating your Kubernetes microservices at scale
  • DevOps best practices and the movement towards a “GitOps” approach
  • Building with Kubernetes in production: caring for your apps, implementing CI/CD best practices, and utilizing the right metrics, monitoring tools, and automated alerts
  • Operating Kubernetes in production: Upgrading and managing Kubernetes, managing incident response, and adhering to security best practices for Kubernetes
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