Weaveworks Introduces Prometheus Monitoring as a Service

By Mathew Lodge
November 03, 2016

Easier and more scalable Prometheus within Weave Cloud

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO – November 8, 2016 – Weaveworks, the makers of Weave networking, monitoring and management for containers and microservices, today announced the latest capability within Weave Cloud, Prometheus Monitoring as a service. Users currently enrolled in the company’s beta program will now benefit from a highly available and horizontally scalable extension of the Prometheus monitoring project, all powered by Weaveworks’ latest open source project, Weave Cortex.

“Customers want easy access to monitoring functionality delivered by Prometheus, with the additional comfort of knowing that data may be retained indefinitely in the cloud and downtime will not lead to gaps in their monitoring data,” said Alexis Richardson, co-founder and CEO of Weaveworks. “Weave Cloud provides multi-tenancy out of the box, making the Prometheus user experience more cost effective than alternatives.”

Weaveworks is providing an enhanced version of Prometheus, allowing applications to supply multi-dimensional metrics and store them in a cloud-hosted data cube. Prometheus is a CNCF project used by hundreds of companies because it is optimized for cloud native applications and modern microservice architectures. For example, due to its pull model, applications do not need to push metrics to a central location. Instead, Prometheus pulls the metrics from the applications. With Weaveworks’ enhancements, customers can run multiple, highly available instances of Prometheus to monitor and analyze different levels of detail or different parts of an application.

For additional information on Weaveworks and its line of open source networking and monitoring solutions for containers and microservices, please visit www.weave.works.

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Weaveworks is the maker of Weave Net, Weave Scope, Weave Cortex, Weave Flux and Weave Cloud, which enable customers to connect, monitor and manage microservices and containers. Weave is open source software and contributions and pull requests are more than welcome via Github.


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