Weaveworks Launches Enterprise GitOps Services

By Steve George
May 02, 2018

London & KubeCon, Copenhagen – 1st May 2018 – Weaveworks is announcing a comprehensive Kubernetes support subscription and consulting service for enterprise customers using Kubernetes and CNCF technologies in production. This new solution addresses the complex requirements of Fortune 500 companies rolling out Kubernetes both on premises and “multi cloud”. Combined with Weave Cloud, the company’s management platform, customers have a complete system to build, run and operate Kubernetes applications and infrastructure.

Weaveworks has a global team of experienced SREs (Site Reliability Engineers) who have operated Kubernetes as a production service since 2015. The team’s best practices, known as “GitOps”, enable Kubernetes platform and application operations to be automated, accelerated and audited. With this new program the company is making this knowledge available to customers as a methodology for organizations widely adopting Kubernetes. The company combines this with decades of experience addressing the unique needs of enterprise buyers, to offer the following for purchase:

  • Kubernetes Support Subscription: 24/7 support, fixes and patches for production grade deployments of Kubernetes including Kubeadm, Kops and other validated components.
  • Enterprise Kubernetes Consulting: professional services to implement automated GitOps-style platform operations for custom Kubernetes and validated add-ons across on-premises, AWS, Amazon EKS and GKE. Includes knowledge transfer, set-up, delivery pipeline, monitoring and disaster recovery.
  • Production Ready Kubernetes Boot Camps: training in European and US cities for teams of developers to adopt best practices from set-up to running in production, and take the first steps towards adoption of GitOps patterns. Includes advisory sessions on CNCF project selection - Prometheus, Fluentd, gRPC, Envoy, Jaeger, etc.

Customers can run their Kubernetes environments more reliably and securely at a fraction of the cost, using a combination of standard open source tools and cloud services. Customers may combine any Weaveworks offerings based on their needs. With the addition of certification and its partner network, Weaveworks is able to deliver enterprise solutions for customers moving to cloud native and wishing to leverage CNCF open source projects and the GitOps model of delivery.  For example:

  • A customer purchases 24/7 support for an existing Kubernetes Kops installation on AWS EC2, and set up a GitOps pipeline to migrate some applications onto Amazon EKS after GA. The customer is also using Amazon ECR.  By working with Weaveworks and the EKS team at AWS, a complete long term plan will be put in place covering full app and cluster level support. Change audit, monitoring and alerts are purchased through Weave Cloud.
  • A large enterprise wishes to adopt Kubernetes on premises using supported open source Kubeadm, and to set up multiple secure test clusters on GKE. These use a single joined up delivery model, using Jenkins and Weave on premises, and GCB and GCR on Google Cloud.

James Governor, co-founder of Redmonk, the developer focused analyst firm commented, “We’re seeing explosive growth in enterprise Kubernetes adoption, but there’s a knowledge gap between adoption and implementation. With its new offering Weaveworks is packaging its products and services to help enterprises accelerate their moves to cloud natives tools, methods and processes.”   

Weaveworks CEO, Alexis Richardson, commented, "Enterprises recognise that Kubernetes is a compelling platform for building and operating Cloud Native applications. Our new Kubernetes subscription provides comprehensive support for pure open source Kubernetes and the components around it that customers need to operate it at scale. Our solution guides customers through building and operating Kubernetes so they can achieve the benefits of greater velocity and reduced operational costs."

The Weaveworks team will be at Kubecon Europe this week delivering the first Kubernetes Boot Camp and demonstrating Weave Cloud. To find out more about the services please visit us at booth S-C09. The Kubernetes support subscription is available immediately, for further details see www.weave.works/enterprise-kubernetes

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