Weaveworks launches Weave GitOps, an open source product that delivers easy GitOps for application deployment

June 30, 2021

With Weave GitOps, organizations accelerate their continuous application delivery and continuous operations in multi-cloud environments

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO—June 30, 2021—Weaveworks today announced the release of Weave GitOps, a pioneering product that increases Software Delivery and Operational performance for Kubernetes infrastructure and application teams. Kubernetes infrastructure and application teams can take full advantage of lightning-fast continuous application delivery and automated operational control to gain competitive business success. Weave GitOps Core provides an easy-to-use application delivery experience for developers. The enterprise tier, Weave GitOps Enterprise, extends these capabilities into multi-cluster application delivery and continuous operations in multi-cloud environments.

GitOps is the gold standard for Kubernetes operating models, with Amazon Web Services, Codefresh, GitHub, Microsoft, GitOps pioneer Weaveworks and others collaborating on its principles and technical aspects within the CNCF GitOps Working Group. The Weave GitOps product tiers delivers the first GitOps platform of its kind:

“Weave GitOps aims to democratize GitOps for Kubernetes, in the same way that GitHub did for Git to accelerate adoption,” explained Alexis Richardson, founder and CEO of Weaveworks. “With our enterprise tier, organizations can use GitOps to deploy and manage their Kubernetes applications and infrastructure securely and reliably.”

Weave GitOps tiers for Different Stages of Operational Maturity

Weave GitOps is delivered in tiers, including a free and open source Core and an Enterprise tier: 

  • Weave GitOps Core automates the application lifecycle for developers and DevOps teams. Get started with GitOps quickly - install with just two commands and use the UI to deploy applications into any Kubernetes cluster.
  • Weave GitOps Enterprise brings continuous operations and control for Kubernetes fleets to platform teams and operators. The multi-cluster control plane allows cluster operators to observe any Kubernetes cluster, gaining instant understanding of operational metrics across all clusters. Operate any managed Kubernetes (AKS; EKS; GKE) -- or self-install including on-premise clusters from Rancher, OpenShift and Tanzu -- through a single pane of glass. Additionally, manage all application lifecycles in a GitOps enabled cluster; immediately detect drift and evaluate cluster health or even inform roll back actions as well as monitor continuous operations.

Tyler Jewell, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital, makes the case that the convergence of Continuous Delivery, GitOps, and experimentation vendors is creating the potential for a $500M [to $1B] ARR progressive delivery mega-market as more and more companies deliver value through software. Companies adopting cloud native patterns reaping the benefits as they are faster, more resilient, fulfill market needs better than the competition and even create new markets with less upfront investment. Weave GitOps strives to enable even more organizations to realize those benefits of reliable, secure and repeatable continuous delivery pipelines and operations at scale. 

“I wish GitOps practices were available a decade ago,” said Florian Heubeck, Principal Engineer, MediaMarktSaturn Technology. “GitOps increases the quality of everything we do.  Right now, I can't imagine working differently anytime in the future."

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About Weaveworks

Weaveworks helps teams adopt cloud native computing, managing cloud native infrastructure and applications quickly, reliably, and at scale. The company helps infrastructure and platform teams build and operate their own Kubernetes application platform whether in the cloud, at the edge, or on-premise. Its products and solutions are community built and enterprise approved. Weaveworks was one of the first members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and is one of its top 10 contributors. For more information, visit  weave.works.