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What is WeaveGitOps Assured (WGA)?

Weave GitOps Assured is a comprehensive solution offered by Weaveworks, combining open-source software, enterprise-grade support, and enhanced features to simplify and automate Continuous Delivery (CD) practices and streamline Kubernetes cluster management. It includes best-in-class open-source software components: FluxCD, Flagger, Observability UI, Infrastructure TF Controller, Flamingo Flux Subsystem for Argo, Weave Policy Agent, and a VSCode Plugin.

What's the detailed breakdown of components included in a Weave GitOps Assured subscription?

    1. FluxCD: FluxCD is a set of Kubernetes operators that automate the deployment, management, and continuous delivery of applications and infrastructure. The FluxCD suite includes:

      1. Source Controller: Connects to Git repositories to fetch application code and definitions.

      2. Kustomize Controller: Applies Kustomize patches for environment-specific configurations.

      3. Helm Controller: Integrates with Helm for package management, simplifying deployments.

      4.  Notification Controller: Handles alerts and notifications for deployment events.

      5.  Image Automation Controllers: Automates the update of container images in the Git repository.

    2.  Flagger: Flagger is a progressive delivery operator for Kubernetes that automates the promotion of canary deployments using various service mesh providers, Ingress controllers, and other traffic routing APIs.

    3. Observability UI: This component provides a comprehensive visibility layer into the Kubernetes environment. It collects and provides current status, allowing you to monitor the performance and health of your applications and infrastructure.

    4. Infrastructure TF Controller: This component simplifies infrastructure management by integrating with Terraform, a popular Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool. It automates the creation, modification, and management of infrastructure resources.

    5. Flamingo Flux Subsystem for Argo: This subsystem combines the power of GitOps, provided by Flux, with the workflow automation capabilities of Argo. It facilitates efficient management of Kubernetes resources and enables more complex deployment pipelines.

    6. Policy Controls via Weave Policy Agent: The Weave Policy Agent enforces policy-based governance and security across your Kubernetes environment. It allows you to define rules and policies that your deployments must adhere to, ensuring consistency and compliance.

    7. VSCode Plugin: This plugin provides seamless integration of GitOps processes into the popular Visual Studio Code IDE. It simplifies the development workflow, making it easier to write, test, and deploy code.

How does Weave GitOps Assured improve Open-Source Software?

Weaveworks enhances the strength of open-source projects by addressing vulnerabilities, improving security, and introducing enterprise-grade features. This effort enriches the quality and reliability of the software provided to customers and benefits the entire open-source community as these improvements are actively contributed back to the original projects.

How does Weave GitOps Assured contribute to the certification and collaboration of Open-Source Software?

Weaveworks assists customers in managing the installation of Certified Components. If issues are discovered in open-source components, Weaveworks collaborates with the upstream community and customers to integrate resolutions into future releases, enhancing overall software reliability and functionality.

What kind of support does Weave GitOps Assured offer?

Weave GitOps Assured offers unparalleled enterprise support. Weaveworks' dedicated support team assists with the installation, configuration, maintenance, and management of supported software components. With expertise in distributed systems and Kubernetes, the support team provides timely and reliable assistance to customers.

How does Weave GitOps Assured help in creating a well-architected Kubernetes Foundation?

Weave GitOps Assured enables organizations to establish a robust and well-architected Kubernetes foundation by adopting GitOps principles and leveraging advanced capabilities. This results in higher deployment frequency, improved reliability, and enhanced safety.

What is bitstream assurance in the context of Weave GitOps Assured?

Bitstream assurance refers to the guarantee that the software components included in the subscription are continuously monitored for vulnerabilities and hotfixes, ensuring the delivery of secure and reliable software. It involves vulnerability monitoring, provision of hotfixes and security patches, continuous security updates, stability and reliability assurance, expert support and guidance, and compliance assurance.

How does Weave GitOps Assured's enhanced support work?

Weave GitOps Assured provides a comprehensive support framework including a dedicated support team, defined SLAs, severity levels and response times, and a support web portal.  In addition, Weaveworks provides multiple communication channels, expert guidance, a comprehensive knowledge base, ongoing case management, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Weave GitOps Assured Accelerator

What is the Weaveworks Assured Accelerator?

The Weaveworks Assured Accelerator is a program designed to assist organizations in quickly building a solid foundation for running workloads in a cloud-native environment using Kubernetes and GitOps. It promises to deliver a GitOps-enabled Kubernetes solution within four weeks.

How does the Assured Accelerator program work?

The Assured Accelerator program works by providing your organization with the necessary technical support and guidance to implement a GitOps-enabled Kubernetes solution quickly. The Weaveworks team uses certified patterns, best practices, Terraform techniques, and an easy-to-use GUI to help streamline the implementation process.

What benefits does the Assured Accelerator program offer?

The Assured Accelerator program offers several benefits, including higher deployment frequency, increased development productivity through self-service workflows, a consistent application platform and deployment pipeline, improved reliability with unified operations, and centralized governance through policies.

What support is included in the Assured Accelerator program?

The program includes four weeks of technical support to product onboarding, support, educate, and review your existing architecture. In addition, it includes annual support for up to 100 nodes. Assured support for Weaveworks' open-source tool set is also part of the program.

How long does the Assured Accelerator program last?

The initial phase of the Assured Accelerator program, where the Weaveworks team works directly with your organization to implement a GitOps-enabled Kubernetes solution, lasts for four weeks. However, the program also includes annual support for up to 100 nodes, ensuring ongoing assistance.

Who should consider enrolling in the Assured Accelerator program?

Any organization looking to leverage Kubernetes and GitOps for their cloud-native operations and wanting to quickly build a robust, efficient, and reliable infrastructure should consider enrolling in the Assured Accelerator program.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Weave GitOps Assured Subscription

How is the service for Weaveworks initiated?

After subscribing, the customer receives a welcome email with access details to the Support Web Portal. This portal enables the customer to use the service request system.

What does each service entitlement cover?

A WGE subscription provides service entitlements, with each entitlement allocated for a single node. Ensure the total number of nodes does not surpass the number outlined in your purchased subscription. Even though you can shift these entitlements among different nodes, it's important to remember that the overall count of nodes shouldn't exceed the number of entitlements you've acquired with your subscription.

What is the policy for submitting cases?

Customers may submit an unlimited number of cases for services they have purchased. Cases can be reported online.

What is the Support Policy?

Weaveworks offers support for installation, configuration, maintenance, and management support for Weave GitOps Assured components only as listed in the Weave GitOps Assured Software Appendix.

What is the SLA for Support Services?

Weaveworks assigns Severity Levels to cases, commits to response times based on these levels, and works on resolving the case within the designated Effort Period.

What are the Support Coverage Hours?

Support is provided in Local business hours, 5 days a week (M-F). Local business hours vary by region (North America: 09:00 – 17:00 EST, EMEA: 09:00 – 17:00 GMT).

How can a customer escalate a Case?

If unsatisfied or requiring urgent action, a case can be escalated to Weaveworks' senior management via specific contact information.

What types of Kubernetes environments does Weave GitOps Assured support?

It supports both managed and unmanaged Kubernetes clusters, whether on-premise or on various public cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

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