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Weave Cloud is a software-as-a-service that simplifies deployment, monitoring and management for containers and microservices. It extends and complements popular orchestrators, and enables developers and DevOps to realize faster deployments, insightful monitoring, visualization and networking.

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Easily deploy, manage and monitor container-based applications

Fully integrated with CNCF Kubernetes, Docker Swarm/UCP, AWS ECS, Apache Mesos, and Mesosphere DC/OS, Weave Cloud can be added to your development pipeline without requiring you to ‘replatform’ – making setup easy and delivery faster.

Faster Application Deployment

Deploy applications by policy either automatically or manually. Weave Cloud uses your version control system (like Github) as the source of truth for application configuration, improving reliability, and allowing for automated alerts in case of divergence. Easily change deployment policies, roll back or pin versions all within one interface. Fast to set up and integrates with your preferred CI tool.

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Powerful Performance Insights

Monitor all aspects of your application, and cluster and query across hosts, services and metrics. Weave Cloud extends the power of Prometheus to provide insightful monitoring and troubleshooting. Pairing virtually infinite data retention with a sophisticated alerting system, Weave Cloud gives you a real-time view into app health and performance.

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Comprehensive Application Visualization

Weave Cloud’s explore functionality enables you to visualize the emergent structure of your application in a consistent way in real-time, whether it's running in development or production. You can map and uncover the structure of an application, including Microservices, containers, instances and networks. View logs, scale up or down services, or diagnose issues in real-time.

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Why Weaveworks

Adopting containers and microservices can be difficult – from selecting an orchestrator and schedule to wiring up networking, security, monitoring and troubleshooting. Weave Cloud removes these obstacles to production, so you can iterate, fix problems and ship features faster.

Weave Cloud Overview

Watch Alexis Richardson, CEO describing Weave Cloud and how it helps application developers to build cloud native apps quickly.


Key Features


Deploy applications automatically by policy, delivering the latest features to production quickly.


Observe and understand how applications and microservices are connected together in containers, making complex troubleshooting and optimization simpler.


Manage individual containers and services within the cluster, simplifying the handling of complexity.


Inspect all aspects of the application and cluster, and query insightful metrics for managing application performance. Receive alerts and view dashboards to monitor system health.


Connect containers together in a secure virtual network, simplifying connecting and scaling complex container clusters.

Interactive Labs

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Troubleshooting Dashboard

Verify and troubleshoot your app after deploying it. Explore a visual map of your processes, containers, networks and hosts. You can drill down on an app’s topology and filter on processes, containers and hosts, as well as diagnose issues in real time.

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Continuous Delivery

Connect the output of your CI system into your container orchestration to automate or gate deploys. Achieve continuous delivery and iterate fast.

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Prometheus Monitoring

Collect metrics that matter to you from your application, network, and orchestrator. We use Prometheus to scrape metrics across Kubernetes pods, and automatically pushes them to Weave Cloud so they can be queried and graphed.

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Container Networks & Firewalls

Define network policy to secure your app. Weave Net, which enables secure cross-cloud communication between containers, lets you enforce network policies.

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