Run your apps on Kubernetes one pull request at a time

Weave Gitops Core

Weave GitOps Core is a free and open source continuous delivery product to run apps in any Kubernetes. Experience how easy it is to enable GitOps and run your apps in a cluster. Use git to collaborate with team members making new deployments easy and secure.

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You are two commands away from enabling GitOps

Enable GitOps in your cluster and run your applications on it in two commands: 

  1. Enable GitOps on your cluster
    gitops install 
  2. Change the directory containing the local clone of your application workload
    gitops app add .

That’s all! The workloads are up and running in your cluster.

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Boosting CI with CD

Weave GitOps Core makes CI pipelines a launchpad to Continuous Delivery. Release apps faster from within Git, developer’s natural environment. Enable your dev teams to deliver value continuously, and centralize day 2 app operations all in git. Artifacts as code, Infrastructure as code, Policy as code…

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Drift detection and continuous reconciliation

Weave GitOps Core keeps actual state constantly synchronized with desired state. Ops, Platform and DevOps deliver value to Git only. One pull request at a time. Weave GitOps Core takes care of scanning for new versions and managing dependencies to update the deployment. Continuously. From actual state, Weave GitOps brings back cluster and workload health management and alerts.

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Pull-based security

Add changes via pull request to any environment. With GitOps any change is recorded in git ensuring that no change can be made without a record. For additional security use signed git commits to provide a detailed trail to report on. Weave GitOps Core tracks releases across all stages of the deployment pipeline - from staging to production. Whether changes to application images or configuration everything is recorded. This means that your desired state is up to date, correct and observable. Securely.

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Simple profile bootstrap

Launch a cluster with its main components in only two commands and allow for immediate bootstrapping in Kubernetes.

Sync with GitOps

Core is powered by Flux, a CNCF incubating project. Set a reconciliation loop that monitors specific events in Git repos and be notified of drift immediately.

Command line installer

Simple and effective - two commands to launch a custom Kubernetes cluster.

Public, community driven profiles

Meet unique team requirements with profiles to set up custom cluster definitions. Pick your use case from the publicly available and community developed profiles.

Weave GitOps Enterprise

Continuous operations for easily deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters and applications in any environment.

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