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Weave GitOps Assured

Ensure your Kubernetes workloads. A comprehensive subscription for continuous delivery, progressive delivery and policy combining the innovation of OSS with enterprise-grade support.
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OSS innovation & CD Excellence


Weave GitOps Assured strikes the perfect balance of open-source and community-fueled innovation combined with 24/7/365 support for enterprises of all sizes.

And here is why:

  • Based on GitOps Methodology:Provide a dependable and trusted open-source Kubernetes foundation with integrated GitOps principles and advanced Continuous Delivery (CD) capabilities
  • Open-Source Innovation:Combine open, community-fueled innovation with cloud-native expertise that drives continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving business needs.

Accelerate your cloud native adoption and embrace the benefits of:

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Progressive Delivery
  • Automation of Kubernetes and app deployments
  • Drift detection
  • Automation of Terraform
  • Compliance and Guardrails
  • Superior developer experience

as an extension of existing deployment pipeline.

24/7/365 Support and guaranteed SLAs are included:

  • Enterprise-grade support with Service-Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees, which helps in mitigating risks and ensuring the systems are running as expected.
  • Bitstream assurance for CVE hotfixes, ensuring that the software components are continuously monitored for vulnerabilities and hot fixed, thereby enhancing the security posture.

  • Extensive Knowledge Base to provide you with proven patterns for your deployments.

Key Components of Weave GitOps Assured:

  • Flux: A suite of Kubernetes operators designed to automate the deployment, management, and continuous delivery of applications and infrastructure.

  • Flagger: A service mesh operator that manages the promotion of canary deployments across multiple service mesh providers, Ingress controllers, and traffic routing APIs.

  • Observability UI: This handy component offers a thorough insight into the Kubernetes environment by collecting and showing current status.

  • Infrastructure TF Controller: A vital tool that simplifies infrastructure management by integrating with Terraform, a popular Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool.

  • Flamingo Flux Subsystem for Argo: This subsystem efficiently combines GitOps and Argo’s workflow automation capabilities, facilitating smooth Kubernetes resources management and enabling complex deployment pipelines.

  • Weave Policy Agent: Ensures policy-based governance and security across your Kubernetes environment.

  • VSCode Plugin: A useful plugin that integrates GitOps processes into the Visual Studio Code IDE.

  • Backstage Flux Plugin: Elevate your developer experience with GitOps automation.

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Fast-track your transition to a GitOps-enabled Kubernetes solution with our Assured Accelerator program. Be up and running with a fully operational Kubernetes solution in just four weeks. Benefit from comprehensive technical support, certified patterns, best practices, Terraform techniques, and an intuitive GUI. Contact us to kickstart your Kubernetes and GitOps journey.
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Weave Integration Catalog

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Weaveworks collaborates with the upstream community and vendors, enhancing the functionality and reliability of your Kubernetes environment. Our Weaveworks Integration Catalog facilitates seamless integration and management of other third-party vendor and open-source components. Learn How Weave GitOps Extends Flux

With Flagger, we merge a pull request to deploy a new version, and basically forget about it because we feel so safe and sure about it not breaking anything in production.

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GitOps allows you to ease the operational cost of managing large-scale infrastructure by adopting a pattern that continually validates your desired state

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