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Weave GitOps Assured

Weave GitOps Assured covers all aspects of continuous application delivery (CD) and cluster management for Kubernetes. It is the most comprehensive subscription from the creators of FluxCD for open source GitOps and CD, featuring advanced policies, centralized governance and enterprise support. Start with well architected Kubernetes and start shipping more frequently, reliably and safely.
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Modern enterprise open source


Weave GitOps Assured bundles best in class open source software for continuous and progressive delivery into a single software subscription. FluxCD, a graduated CNCF project and Flagger empower you to deploy and operate Kubernetes applications on premise, any managed Kubernetes provider or public cloud. Unleash the flexibility of OSS but with bitstream assurance (CVE, hotfixes) from cloud native experts.

Assured already extends FluxCD with an infrastructure controller to manage Terraform resources,  and Weave Policy agent to assure policy control.

Flux reaches graduation at CNCF

Energize your Developers

Empower application teams to roll out, secure and manage their own applications. Self-service workflows lower DevOps friction and increase quality of life and quality of code. The improved developer experience reduces the human cost of operating apps by up to 80% and speeds up time-to-value for onboarding new applications and developers. Weave GitOps Assured offers a simple to use graphical user interface (GUI) for Flux to observe production clusters, deployments and receive alerts and notifications. Choose from a catalog of curated and supported templates, tools and plugins such as GitOps tools for Visual Studio Code.
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Demo of Weave GitOps Enterprise: Multi-tenancy made simple

Strengthen trust and compliance

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Weave Policy Engine enforces security best practices policies. Catch violations before they hit production and remediate with automatic pull requests. Weave Policy Agent enables you to hit the ground running with out-of-box policies, guaranteeing security, resilience, and coding standards across your applications and infrastructure. The policy library includes 100+ policies covering SOC2, GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Mitre Attack, and more. Shift DevOps security left

With Flagger, we merge a pull request to deploy a new version, and basically forget about it because we feel so safe and sure about it not breaking anything in production.

Bernd Stübinger
Backend Engineer, MediaMarktSaturn Technology

Supercharge your Kubernetes adoption

The Assured Accelerator program delivers a GitOps enabled Kubernetes platform in 4 weeks on any environment. It includes assured support for Weaveworks OSS tool set (FluxCD controllers, Terraform controller, Weave Policy Agent, Cluster API and more). Our onboarding team will provide certified patterns and best practices and an easy to use GUI. Engage with us and limit risks while your team focuses on continuously innovating and improving.

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GitOps feels like the right way to manage Kubernetes clusters. Other pre-containerization CI/CD tools are flakey, fragile and take up valuable time - engineers should focus on solving code problems, and not on the deployment process.

Garry Wilson
Site Reliability Team Lead, Curve

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