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The Kubernetes Library pages summarize and link to some of the best blogs and tutorials that describe how to migrate, run and manage applications on Kubernetes.

Going Cloud Native What is Kubernetes? CI/CD for Kubernetes What is FluxCD? GitOps Ultimate Guide to Flagger GitOps FAQ Kubernetes on AWS Kubernetes on Azure Kubernetes On-Premise


Our eBooks provide practical information on operating and managing Kubernetes and other technologies in its ecosystem.

eBook: GitOps for Absolute Beginners GitOps on AWS for High Performing Team Operations


In our whitepapers, we share the knowledge and experience gained over several years of working with Kubernetes and cloud native technologies.

Beginner’s Guide to Platform Engineering Seamless Kubernetes with Amazon EKS Anywhere and Weave GitOps Enterprise Why Self-Service is Key to Developer Productivity 5 Ways to Automate and Optimize Your Software Delivery Lifecycle Trusted Application Delivery: Continuous AWS Cloud Security with Weave GitOps Shifting Security Left with GitOps and Trusted Delivery Progressive Delivery with GitOps How GitOps Enables a Continuous Application Lifecycle The GitOps Guide to Building and Managing Internal Platforms Best Practices for Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes with EKS and Weave GitOps Trusted Delivery with GitOps and Policy as Code Accelerate Software Lifecycles Through DevOps Automation GitOps Boosts Innovation in the Financial Services Sector The GitOps Maturity Model Cloud Native Operations at Scale in Next Generation Mobile Networks GitOps Accelerates Self-service for Developers and Operators Key Criteria Report - Evaluating GitOps Platforms Hybrid & Multi-cloud Strategies for Kubernetes with GitOps Multi-cloud Strategies with Kubernetes and GitOps How GitOps Boosts Business Performance Performance Guide: Cloud-Native Local Storage Solutions Implementing a Kubernetes Strategy in Your Organization Production Ready Checklists for Kubernetes Automating Kubernetes with GitOps 6 Reasons to Start the Cloud Native Transformation The Practical Guide to GitOps Production-Ready Kubernetes: What It Means and How to Achieve It Hardening Git for GitOps Making the Leap from Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery Monitoring Cloud-Native Applications

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Enjoy recordings of our past webinars and demos.

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The Art of Modern Ops - a Weaveworks podcast series on modernizing cloud infrastructure. Through a series of interviews with both visionaries and practitioners, we discuss hands-on use cases with those who have completed the digital transformation and others still in transition.

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Datasheets & Product Literature

Download the latest product description and features for Weave Cloud and Weave Enterprise Kubernetes Platform.

We Are Weaveworks The History of GitOps Datasheet: Weave GitOps Assured Datasheet: Weave GitOps Enterprise

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Our blog articles are a mix of insights, best practices and advice on Kubernetes, cloud native technologies and trends and latest news on our OSS projects.

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