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Container orchestration is one cornerstone for modernizing traditional applications. Kubernetes’ orchestration and management capabilities are required to deploy production-grade workloads at scale. Start building a high velocity team today and reap the benefits of faster application development and delivery with Kubernetes.

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The Innovation Challenge

Rapid innovation is often difficult for enterprise organizations where 80% of their IT budget is spent on maintaining legacy applications versus only 20% on innovation. Moving your mission-critical legacy applications to a cloud native environment can be difficult. At the same time, application developers need solutions to rapidly create and build new applications with the least amount of friction. A cloud first approach, with the complexity of distributed systems along with new development tools can result in a disconnect between development and operations teams.

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Unlock Developer Productivity and Operational Efficiency

At Weaveworks we want to give developers and DevOps teams the tools, skills and knowledge they need to successfully develop and operate cloud native applications. Our team are experts in Docker, Kubernetes, microservices and distributed systems.  We’ll work with you to make sure the right solution is delivered, one that will help your teams deliver software faster, more efficiently and at scale. We’ll be with you each step along the way as you assess, pilot and operate your Kubernetes infrastructure.

Why GitOps?

The GitOps approach delivers core Cloud Native benefits such as: agility, reliability and speed. It is an operating model for cloud native applications such as Kubernetes that enables continuous delivery through automated deployment, monitoring, and management by using Git as the “single source of truth”. Read our what you need to know page, to learn how to operate cloud native applications the GitOps way


Kubernetes QuickStart

The QuickStart is a comprehensive package to design, build and operate Kubernetes in production using the GitOps methodology. Download the overview below.

Kubernetes Training

We offer hands-on workshops that cover fundamental concepts and features of Kubernetes. At the end of the training you will be able to operate Kubernetes and deploy applications.

Cloud Native Architecture Consulting & Design

Together we build a roadmap to deploying and piloting Kubernetes with your requirements. Included are an architecture assessment and design consultation for business critical applications.

Cloud technologies we love

We support Kubernetes empowered teams that work in the cloud, on premise or on hybrid deployments.

We’re seeing explosive growth in enterprise Kubernetes adoption, but there’s a knowledge gap between adoption and implementation. With its new offering Weaveworks is packaging its products and services to help enterprises accelerate their moves to cloud natives tools, methods and processes.

James Governor, co-founder of Redmonk

The ultimate “How to implement GitOps” eBook

Includes a breakdown of methodology, principles, traditional CICD vs. GitOps pipelines and in depth tutorial to get you started.

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