From Zero to GitOps

A comprehensive discovery, design and deploy package for Kubernetes.

At Weaveworks we are aiding enterprise teams to accelerate their cloud native transformation. GitOps is our approach to operate and manage Kubernetes infrastructure and applications, so teams can reap cloud native benefits of increased agility, flexibility and scalability, and decreased downtime, and cost. 

Why GitOps? 

GitOps brings together developer best practices and operations. It takes advantage of a declarative system to manage the configuration and operations of every element of the platform, from the infrastructure through to the applications. GitOps also provides observability and control - ensuring that the platform is reliable and operable. Finally, our model-driven approach manages thousands of clusters and applications with this proven system. Learn more about the history of GitOps.

Introducing GitOps Professional Services 

At Weaveworks we want to give developers and operations teams the tools, skills and knowledge they need to successfully develop and operate cloud native applications. Our team are experts in GitOps, Kubernetes, microservices and distributed systems.  

Our 12 week engagement process includes four stages:


Weaveworks provides training, strategy and recommendations on the current environment on how to streamline Kubernetes environments for both developers and operators:

  1. GitOps training and workshop
  2. Architectural review report 
  3. Functional proof of concept implementation leveraging GitOps 


What’s Included?


A 2 day workshop covering how GitOps works and what you need for it. Additional readiness assessment and review of cluster and application architecture. 
blueprint.jpg DESIGN 

A detailed review of all areas impacting a correct infrastructure and application architecture. For example:
Cluster installation
Application deployment
Observability and Monitoring
Service Mesh

Weaveworks is known industry wide for creating GitOps. We will deliver a proof of concept based on the initial discovery and develop a GitOps based architecture for infrastructure and application deployments. 

Daco_159596.pngEXPERT SERVICES
Our Customer Reliability Engineering team is by your side from discovery to production support.

Why Weaveworks? 

Accelerate your path to production ready Kubernetes 

Learn the practical techniques to reliably operate your software lifecycle with the GitOps pattern. Our CRE team will be with you every step of the way. 

A solid foundation with Weave Kubernetes Platform

Weave Kubernetes Platform is an out of the box GitOps enabled Kubernetes Platform, built on curated open source projects from the community. 

An expert team on your side 

Your success is our priority. Our team of cloud native experts will train and transfer their knowledge to your team, so you can succeed on Day 2 and beyond.

Additional training and support services are available, please email or fill out our contact us form