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We offer public training and private sessions, as well as other useful resources to help you get started with Kubernetes or to transition your team from development to production. We are a technology partner with all major cloud providers and we also understand on premise and hybrid cloud requirements.

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Deploying and Operating Kubernetes in Production

At Weaveworks  we give developers and DevOps teams the tools, skills and knowledge they need to successfully develop and operate cloud native applications. Our team are experts in Docker, Kubernetes, microservices and distributed systems. Our training consists of two steps. First we will help your team pilot Kubernetes to enable and increase deployments, so that it can become a significant operational platform. Second, our hands-on workshops are designed to help technical teams quickly understand orchestration and learn the best practice approach to develop, deploy and manage applications powered by Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Tutorials: Hands on Workshops

Kubernetes Intro

Get industry-leading instruction in a professional setting from a live senior instructor. All of our instructors are engineers first and have or are contributing to Kubernetes as a project and are familiar with operating a production grade cloud native stack.

Monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus

Monitoring containerized apps creates a whole new set of challenges that traditional monitoring systems struggle with. In this hands-on training, we will guide you through using the open source Prometheus monitoring toolkit and how to integrate it with Kubernetes on an example application.

Production-Ready Kubernetes and GitOps

This introductory course starts from the key concepts underlying Kubernetes and how it fits within a contemporary approach. During the hands-on section we will deploy an example service using a declarative approach (GitOps) to manage it. We then prepare the workload for production use by setting up instrumenting and alerting with Prometheus.

Custom Training

Our instructors will come to you for a private onsite training on Kubernetes or related cloud native technologies such as Prometheus, Helm or similar. This is the most flexible option and training can also be tailored to your team’s needs.


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"Your Path to Production Ready Kubernetes"

Cloud Native Technologies

Weaveworks is a founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and contributes to Kubernetes and Prometheus.

We’re seeing explosive growth in enterprise Kubernetes adoption, but there’s a knowledge gap between adoption and implementation. With its new offering Weaveworks is packaging its products and services to help enterprises accelerate their moves to cloud natives tools, methods and processes.

James Governor, co-founder of Redmonk

GitOps Workflows - what you need to know

We explain the benefits, principles, and patterns of GitOps workflows. So you can run Kubernetes in production and at scale.

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What’s covered in the Enterprise Kubernetes Platform?

The Enterprise Kubernetes Platform covers support for installing Kubernetes and operating a cluster. Kubernetes components and services such as networking, storage, ingress, secrets and templating. Our supported software listing has more details.

What makes the Weaveworks Enterprise Kubernetes Platform different?

Weaveworks experience and skillset resides in operating Kubernetes as a production system. Through those experiences we’ve built out a set of workflows to install, upgrade and run Kubernetes in production environments: we call these workflows GitOps. Partnering Kubernetes support with our management platform Weave Cloud gives a complete system for developing and running Kubernetes-based workloads.

What Cloud platforms does Weaveworks support?

We have validated support for running open source Kubernetes on AWS and GCP. We can also provide support teams that use GKE and EKS. We are more than happy to work with customers who are using other public clouds but haven’t worked closely with them to validate our installation and set-up approach. We will also not have particular experiences with other public clouds associated services (e.g. VPC).

How can you help us use Amazon’s EKS or Google’s GKE?

The managed Kubernetes’ clusters from Amazon and Google remove the operations drag of building and updating core Kubernetes. We also support teams who need to run Kubernetes to provide application infrastructure - whether that’s providing advice on the right policies or troubleshooting a service problem.

How do you support on-premises installs of Kubernetes?

For enterprise customers that need to deploy Kubernetes in their datacenter we support Kubernetes installs on Canonicals’ Ubuntu or RedHat. For customers that want to use alternative host operating systems we will provide support but will not have validated our approach.

How do you support pure open source Kubernetes?

Kubernetes and the Cloud Native landscape is moving very fast and there’s a constant flow of new features. Weaveworks’ feels that the best version of Kubernetes to use is the pure upstream version, where we will support the last two major release streams (e.g. 10.x and 9.x) ensuring customers can progressively upgrade.

Will you support integrating Kubernetes with other vendors?

Many customers have existing investments across networking, storage and other enterprise technology. Weaveworks will work support customers to integrate Kubernetes with their existing systems. Where an issue is caused by an interaction between Kubernetes and another vendors system as long as both elements are under an appropriate support contract we will work with the customer and third-party vendor to resolve.

How does it work if I have a development and production cluster?

As long as the development cluster size is below 8 nodes then the price is 12k USD. The price for a production system is 3,000 USD per node, depending on the size of the cluster.

Will you install Kubernetes for customers?

We design, install and set-up Kubernetes clusters’ for customer as professional services engagements. Combined with our Kubernetes subscription and training this gives customers a way to accelerate the whole business to

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