Weave’s unique peer-to-peer networking approach requires no configuration: just like the Internet, it has no single point of failure and doesn’t require a centralized or distributed database. That not only makes it simple to use, but simpler and more reliable in production.

Our customers call it “invisible infrastructure” because it just keeps on working during outages, reboots and all the other bad things that happen in real-world production environments.

What it Does

  • Highly available, self-healing and self-managing container virtual network
  • Easily bridges container networks with existing networks and systems.
  • Use specific IP address ranges for containers so they can connect easily with uncontained services on same subnet
  • Create service-level security policies and have them automatically applied as container firewall rules
  • Automated IP address allocation that works without a centralized database
  • Find any container using its name via DNS
  • Use with any orchestrator: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, DC/OS and AWS ECS
  • Resilient peer-to-peer architecture keeps on working during reboots, link failures, partitions
  • High throughput using VXLAN and in-kernel switching
  • Deploy anywhere: laptops, data centers and public clouds, or all of the above

Why should I care?

  • Weave Net just keeps working during outages, flapping and network partitions, reducing operations costs
  • Maintain security with encryption, isolation and container-level firewalling
  • Can easily support thousands of hosts
  • Works easily with your uncontained services and systems

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