Weave Net’s unique peer-to-peer networking approach makes it ideal for hybrid cloud or multi-cloud scenarios. Just like the Internet, peer-to-peer networking has no single point of failure and doesn’t require a centralized or distributed database. That makes it very simple to use across network and security boundaries, as when deploying across data centers and public clouds.

Our customers call it “invisible infrastructure” because it just keeps on working during outages, reboots and all the other bad things that happen in real-world hybrid cloud environments.

What it Does

  • Provides a simple flat container network across all Docker hosts where any container can talk to any other container
  • Automatically assigns IP addresses even across network boundaries
  • Provides DNS-based service discovery so containers can find each other with a simple DNS look-up
  • Use specific IP address ranges for containers so they can connect easily with uncontained services on same subnet
  • Unique peer-to-peer approach is highly reliable in production and doesn’t require an external centralized database
  • Scalable (e.g. can easily support thousands of containers and hosts)
  • High throughput using VXLAN and in-kernel switching

Why should I care?

  • Table networking across any underlay, whether on-prem or in public cloud
  • Easy to integrate with with uncontained devices, services and networks
  • Easy to get through firewalls
  • Encryption and fine-grained container level firewalling

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