There is no doubt that Kubernetes can help teams innovate faster. But before realizing all of the Kubernetes benefits, most will need a way to manage the complexity of configuring platforms for it. One of the biggest challenges when adopting Kubernetes is managing multiple developer platforms, who need to operate across many environments and often many clouds.

For example, Development and QA teams often work together to test features. All of these clusters require an identical setup and configuration that need to be realized in minutes and not days.

Requirements for most platforms also go beyond a single cluster definition and call for clusters that are either sized differently, or that have completely different server definitions like a cluster group configured for machine learning versus another for a single web application.  All of these platform configurations need to extend to production both on premise and across clouds. 

What it Does

Weave Kubernetes Platform (WKP) provides a flexible GitOps based framework and policy management to quickly and securely configure identical Kubernetes platforms on premise and in any cloud. With WKP, create cluster configurations once and keep them as models versioned in Git. A model consists of a cluster definition, a set of components and team workspaces. 

Configuration models can then be checked out of Git and used as templates to replicate Kubernetes platforms wherever you need one: from development all the way through to production and on multiple backends across clouds. 

Users can also deploy a model and specialize the configuration at build time if they need a specific configuration. Common cluster components make use of overrides so that configuration data is provided at runtime, and if that's not enough, you can build your own component models and version them in Git.

  • Automate the assembly of Kubernetes platforms with configuration models.
  • Avoid one off snowflake clusters with consistent configuration.
  • Control configuration changes with Git-based policy management. 
  • Easily adopt cloud native with automated and self-service developer platforms.

GitOps provides Mettle's engineering teams with the tools that they are already familiar with - namely Git. This not only increases internal adoption rates, but it also significantly decreases the learning curve. Read Mettle's customer success story.


Why should I care?

The underlying architecture of Weave Kubernetes Platform (WKP) is based entirely on GitOps best practices that uses common workflows to reduce the complexity of configuration management for developer and production-ready identical Kubernetes platforms. By keeping configuration models in Git, operators can offer self-service developer platforms. Authorized teams use WKP with GitOps to define, administer, and install repeatable and consistent platforms with all their add-ons and components through a simple Git clone and deploy them wherever they are needed: 

  • No vendor lock-in so you can take advantage of the latest open source tools and projects.
  • Simple self-service developer platform setup that doesn’t require developers to be orchestration experts. 
  • Consistent cluster configuration to avoid one off and snowflake clusters.
  • Git-based policy and security guarantees controls who can make changes to cluster configuration. 

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The Weave Kubernetes Platform is a production ready platform that uses GitOps as the underlying architecture and developer experience. It simplifies cluster configuration and management across your organization by bringing together all the tools, services, and components that your team needs to run into a single platform. WKP also provides policy and Git-based rules to specify, audit, and control who can change what in the cluster configuration.


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