Leveraging a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy requires the ability to move workloads within a cluster of clouds to avoid infrastructure lock-in, utilize the strength of the individual cloud providers and achieve better cost economics. However, each cloud has its own method of automation, deployment, and monitoring, making it challenging to move workloads. This often results in costly migration projects. For a multi-cloud strategy to be practical, a business application deployed on AWS should have the ability to move to Azure or GCP with ease and should not require a large migration project. Public and private clouds should be simply seen as resources, and platform engineers or site reliability engineers (SREs) should have the ability to move applications from one cloud to another with the click of a button. 

The appeal of Kubernetes is its infrastructure abstraction, meaning it can run on any cloud platform, or on premise, providing a consistent control plane irrespective of the differences in underlying infrastructure. However, managing Kubernetes itself comes with its own challenges. The various Kubernetes configuration, scripts, access controls, service mesh networking, and data portability challenges can weigh heavily on operations. For these reasons, it becomes essential to streamline processes, automate wherever possible, and ensure security and compliance are not compromised in the process.

Git repositories are a common thread that make up the fabric of cloud-native systems. By using Git as the basic building block and GitOps practices to manage software delivery, you can experience the consistency that multi cloud management needs. However, this calls for a shift in fundamental practices of delivering software. Most organizations are not prepared and even unaware of what changes are necessary. This is where a purpose-built multi cloud management solution is a necessity for modern software delivery teams working with a cluster of clouds. By leveraging Weave GitOps organizations can overcome the challenges of Kubernetes and fully enjoy the benefits of multi cloud.

What it Does

Weave GitOps Enterprise is a hybrid and multi cloud management solution that is based on GitOps practices. It enables you to declare all configurations for applications, clouds, and Kubernetes in Git so that Git becomes the single source of truth. Any change to the configuration is made through a commit to a Git repository. These changes are automatically applied to production environments irrespective of where they are located in the cluster of clouds - in one of the public clouds, a private cloud, or your own data center.

Weave GitOps leverages Flux, the CNCF Incubation project that automatically reconciles differences between production clusters and Git repositories. Weave GitOps routinely checks for new updates to a repository or changes in the production cluster of clouds. When a production cluster has diverged from its Git repository, the declared state of the cluster from Git to the production cluster will be reinstated.

Weave GitOps delivers a single control plane for Kubernetes across any cloud and data center. It makes it easy to attach and control observability components to Kubernetes clusters uniformly across all platforms. It also allows you to enforce security and compliance policies every step of the way so security is not an afterthought, but comes baked-in.

Why should I care?

As operations scale, an organization's ability to scale across hybrid and multi cloud platforms is crucial. As systems span the complex multi cloud landscape, operators need a way to consistently manage resources and deployments across the various platforms. Weave GitOps is built to handle all the complexity that comes with multi cloud and allows DevOps teams to focus on applications rather than on maintaining infrastructure.

We would recommend Weave GitOps Enterprise which allowed us to own and manage our infrastructure while building a consistent technical bridge to a client-facing cloud presence. Having worked with the Weaveworks client success team for our cluster deployments, service testing, specific use cases to deploy configuration changes and management of in-place upgrades, we are genuinely impressed with their organizational dedication to our success.” - Lance Allred, Infrastructure Manager, DataScan

To learn more about Weave GitOps in the context of hybrid and multi cloud deployments, download the white paper or watch the recent webinar titled 'Hybrid and Multi Cloud Strategies for Kubernetes with GitOps.'

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Weave GitOps can quicken your journey to multi cloud and help you avoid the common pitfalls that organizations encounter along the way. Learn more about the approach Weave GitOps, and get in touch with us on how we help you achieve seamless multi cloud operations.

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