Weaveworks provides the tools necessary to observe and act on issues affecting your apps running on containers without having to know anything about the underlying infrastructure.

What it Does

  • Weave Scope and Cloud show you a real-time view of your application with no instrumentation and no configuration
  • Shows you all containers, all hosts and all communication between containers
  • Allows drill-down into host and container metrics like CPU, memory and IO
  • Just start typing to quickly search for relevant processes, containers or hosts
  • Unique “distributed top” sortable view shows you all processes across all containers
  • Launch a console directly into the container from the browser, or quickly inspect logs
  • Pause, stop and restart containers with DVR-like controls

Why should I care?

  • See what your application actually does, rather than what you think it does
  • Quickly identify communications breakdowns or problems
  • Quickly drill down into problems
  • Find out which containers are consuming the most resources

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