Weave Cloud (Datasheet)

Weave Cloud: operations for high-velocity teams

Deploy. Observe. Control.

Weave Cloud is a management and operations platform for containers. It minimizes the complexity of running workloads in Kubernetes clusters by providing automated continuous delivery pipelines,

observability and monitoring. Weave Cloud combines the benefits of automated continuous deployment with full-stack observability dashboards and real time controls over your clusters.

Developers and DevOps teams can:

  1. Increase the speed of deployments through automated continuous delivery.
  2. Gain full observability and monitoring data from Prometheus analytics.
  3. Troubleshoot containers and networking.


Deliver Features Faster

  • Just works platform: A simple one-line install gets you started with Weave Cloud the moment your development cluster is up and running.
  • Deploy applications continuously: Deploy and rollback any service on your cluster from a single integrated management console, automated or manually.
  • Highly available, upgraded and secure: A scalable, multi-tenanted service is looked after 24/7 by our team of SREs.
  • Out-of-the-box metrics and visualization: Preconfigured charts and topology maps allow for deep understanding of deployments and applications running in Kubernetes as well as the monitoring of its infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure independant: Works with your choice of cloud, container orchestrator or development tool chain. No ‘replatforming’ required.

Operate at scale. Deliver reliably.

Increase speed of deployments Confidently deploy code as fast as your team creates it. Continuous automatic deployment of container images speeds up developer velocity. Because each step is version controlled, your deployments are reproducible, auditable, and easily reversible.

Deliver better features faster  Respond to customer requests and deploy incremental product improvements more quickly through the rapid feedback loop.
Turn data into insights Perform complex queries to understand all aspects of the application. Set up and configure rules against thresholds to prevent downtime. Send alerts to your favorite oncall tool, so that your team can respond quickly to issues.
Identify and troubleshoot root causes Drilldown and interact with aspects of the container orchestrator (Kubernetes), container and network across development and production clusters for easy root cause analysis and troubleshooting.
Hassle-free alerts Eliminate the need to configure multiple instances or a mesh network for highly available (HA) alerting with Weave Cloud’s hosted Prometheus alertmanager.
Improve security and compliance Meet SOC 2 compliance requirements through a complete audit trail for live cluster updates and versioning by Weave Cloud.
We needed a reliable and fast cloud platform that is easy to manage. Using Weave Cloud […] gives our development team a simple way to set up new environments and significantly streamline ongoing operations. It’s made a big difference in my team’s productivity and in our ability to deploy new services and react to change... Waseem AlShikh CTO, Qordoba


Standard Enterprise
Continuous Delivery  Yes  Yes 
Observability Yes  Yes 
Metrics & Monitoring Yes  Yes 
Dashboards & Alerts Yes  Yes 
Support 1 business day 24x7
Response Time  4h via Slack and email 1h via Slack, email and phone
Data Storage & Retention 100GB for 3 months 1TB for 13 months
$30.00 per node/month

$300 annually

$150.00 per node/month

$1500 annually

* Additional Kubernetes training and support packages are available, contact sales@weave.works

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