Weave GitOps Accelerator

Accelerate your Kubernetes adoption with Weave GitOps Design Patterns.


Building and operating a well architected Kubernetes environment can be a daunting task as more teams across the organization develop and operate workloads on various underlying infrastructures such as on-premise, vSphere, AKS, GKE, EKS or others.

More than ever has it become critical for platform and operations team to ensure that infrastructure resources follow best practices, to onboard and operate new applications consistently and efficiently while providing developers with autonomy and ready access to shared services.

The Weaveworks Solution

As pioneers in the GitOps space, Weaveworks is able to deliver a GitOps enabled Kubernetes solution. Weave GitOps Kubernetes Design Patterns features Cluster API or Terraform techniques, empowers organizations to build fully declarative, continuously reconciled and multi-tenant Kubernetes platforms following GitOps best practices.


With Weave GitOps we enhance and support Kubernetes Design Patterns. Teams are able to:

  • deploy one or more well architected Kubernetes platforms no matter what environment they choose to deploy to
  • declare shared services to deliver consistently across clusters
  • onboard development teams securely

In addition Weave GitOps offers centralized observability across clusters, dashboards, alerts, full cluster lifecycle management, and real time insights on application deployment and reconciliation status.

Key Reasons to Engage with Weaveworks

  • Customers who are interested in implementing GitOps for cluster management and application delivery.
  • Customers who are self managing Kubernetes today and want to expand where they can run Kubernetes with a single pane of glass view.
  • Customers who are hitting scale issues with current configurations and need expert assistance migrating to a scalable shared services platform.
  • Customers who want a world class developer experience choose Weave GitOps Enterprise’s modular platform that can integrate with already existing technology investments.
  • Customers interested in policy and trusted delivery of their application portfolio.

What's Included with the Weave GitOps Kubernetes Accelerator Products

    All of the below offerings are available through Weaveworks directly and on select Partner Marketplaces. Customers can choose between three tiers: bronze, silver, and gold. Each tier includes assigned onboarding team, subscriptions for development and production support of Weave GitOps Enterprise enhancing the use of Kubernetes no matter where teams choose to run their Cloud Native platform(s).


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    Additional training and support services are available, please contact us.

    For Flux and open source users, please note that we are offering an Assured Accelerator. The accelerator includes, customer success with certified patterns and best practices, assured support for OSS tool set (Flux controllers, Terraform controllers, GUI, etc) and a cloud native expert on your side for up to 4 weeks.