Automate Enterprise Kubernetes the GitOps way

Operate and manage production ready Kubernetes with Weave Kubernetes Platform. GitOps unlocks cloud native agility, reliability and scalability.

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Weave Kubernetes Platform

Accelerate cluster delivery and security while introducing proven developer best practices and policy management with GitOps workflows. Benefit from repeatable, flexible Kubernetes cluster management across all infrastructure - in the cloud and on-premise.

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GitOps: cloud native agility and reliability

GitOps is an operating model for cloud native applications running on Kubernetes. The GitOps methodology enables continuous software delivery through automated pipelines. It focuses on a developer centric experience to deploy, monitor and manage workloads by using your version control system as the single source of truth.

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Weave Cloud: automate and manage Kubernetes

Weave Cloud is an automation and management platform for development and DevOps teams. Built-in GitOps workflows are the foundation for improved development velocity through continuous delivery and increased reliability through observability.

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Performance Guide: Cloud-Native Local Storage Solutions

Local storage is almost always the best answer if you are running stateful applications in your Kubernetes cluster. But with so many local storage options out there, choosing the right one is hardly straightforward. For this reason, we’ve just finished putting some of the leading solutions to the test.

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Teams worldwide rely on us every day

See how companies use Weaveworks' products to automate and manage Kubernetes, so they can focus on building and delivering better quality products faster. Operate and automate Kubernetes the GitOps way.

  • Decrease Operational Overhead with GitOps
  • Improves security and costs
  • Leverage GitOps for self-service developer platform
  • Reduce 90% of operational overhead with GitOps

Decrease Operational Overhead with GitOps

NAB is Australia’s largest business bank serving 9,000,000 customers at more than 900 locations around the world. Read the case study on how Weaveworks helped NAB decrease operational overhead and simplify containerization pipelines on EKS.

We turned to Weaveworks because of their extensive EKS and Kubernetes experience, including their close partnership with AWS. With Weaveworks’ proven track record of running Kubernetes in production, we wanted to bring new thinking into our organization to accelerate our learnings

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Improves security and costs

How did DataScan, a financial services company, ensure that the uptime of their systems was near 100%, their customer data was kept secure and they were able to reduce infrastructure costs? The Weave Kubernetes Platform provides a secure and consistent platform on-premise and in the cloud alongside a cost effective management plan. 

We interviewed several players in the container management space to identify their direction and get a better idea of their capabilities Many of the products fit our requirements, but a few either had a management plan that was not on-premise or had a cost model that was resource usage-based and not a predictable environment based cost model.

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Leverage GitOps for self-service developer platform

Learn how a UK financial tech company setup a self-service platform for their engineering team using Weave Flux and the benefits of leveraging GitOps to decrease time to production whilst maintaining security and compliance. 

Leveraging GitOps has allowed us to create a self-service platform for engineers so they can concentrate on delivering business value through innovation, without the full need for Platform Team assistance. The engineers focus on building container images and managing the testing of their microservices and Weave Flux handles the deployments.

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Reduce 90% of operational overhead with GitOps

GFS automated their operational tasks using Weaveworks GitOps which reduced their operational overhead by 90%. Development time has increased and changes are processed without the learning curve, thanks to a simple, streamlined workflow. 

I’d recommend Weave’s GitOps at any chance I get! For me the key factors are the low cost of entry vs. the level to which it empowers teams. Once teams see GitOps in practice, I think it rapidly sells itself. GitOps isn’t something just for the unicorns and startups; I really feel that teams of any size in any environment can benefit from it.

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  • Wealth Wizard
  • Automotive Mastermind
  • Qordoba
  • Soho House
  • IBM
  • Mettle
  • GFS
  • DataScan
  • Curve

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Operate an agile cloud native platform with GitOps

The Weave Kubernetes Platform accelerates cluster delivery and security while introducing proven developer best practices and policy management.

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