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Weave GitOps: lightning fast, reliable and scalable

Continuous delivery for application teams and continuous control for platform teams. Automate Kubernetes with GitOps one pull request at a time.

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A open source and free tool to automate application delivery at scale for DevOps teams. Kickstart your journey to cloud native development speed without leaving Git.



Enable continuous and secure operations with GitOps at enterprise scale. Control and automate clusters across cloud, edge, hybrid and on-premise through a single pane of glass.


How does it work?

Security and compliance from the start. Trusted application delivery adds policy as code to GitOps, enforcing security and compliance, application resilience and coding standards from source to production.

Gain instant full-stack understanding and control. The multi cluster-control plane manages application lifecycles in GitOps enabled clusters. Continuous operations enables detection and elimination of drift, evaluation of cluster health and informed roll backs.

Production ready application clusters with a single click. Create, update and manage clusters with all of the add-ons needed for an agile cloud native platform with a single click.

GitOps: cloud native agility and reliability

GitOps is an operating model for cloud native applications running on Kubernetes. The GitOps methodology enables continuous software delivery through automated pipelines. It focuses on a developer centric experience to deploy, monitor and manage workloads by using your version control system as the single source of truth.

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Use cases

Continuous Application Delivery

Start accelerating deployment frequency and increasing reliability for cloud native applications through GitOps automation.

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DevOps Automation

Establish automation of the software delivery lifecycle post continuous integration (CI) and speed up software lifecycles.

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Self Service Platforms

Developer autonomy starts with a self-service platform. Teams can create environments and resources they need, when they need it.

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Meet us at KubeCon and GitOpsCon EU, 2022 (in person or virtually!)

You can find us at booth #S44 in Pavillion 2, where our team will be waiting to showcase the latest features of Weave GitOps, specifically demonstrating trusted delivery using policy as code in your GitOps pipeline. Grab a GitOps t-shirt and win a pair of Apple Pro Airpods. Or meet us virtually!

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March Release - Weave GitOps 2022.03

Weave GitOps now includes trusted application delivery and policy-as-code capabilities: building on our acquisition of Magalix at the start of the year. This release makes it easier to get started with Weave GitOps if you’re an existing flux user, adds GitOps for Terraform and there is a new VSCode extension.

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