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Weave GitOps: Continuous Deployment and Operations with GitOps

The only DevOps automation platform for Kubernetes featuring CD, progressive delivery, self service and security. Scale in the cloud, on premise and at the edge.

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GitOps for Developer

A open source and free tool to automate application delivery at scale for DevOps teams. Kickstart your journey to cloud native development speed without leaving Git.


GitOps for Enterprise

Enable continuous and secure operations with GitOps at enterprise scale. Control and automate clusters across cloud, edge, hybrid and on-premise through a single pane of glass.


How does it work?

CD Pipelines: Application teams can deploy and control cloud native apps rapidly and easily using any CI. Guarantee secure and trusted delivery including secrets, signed supply chain and in-pipeline compliance checks.

Automation: Platform teams can define their own internal developer platform that runs on any Kubernetes and automate maintenance across fleets. Enforce compliance and govern with best practices inside the operating environment at all layers.

Security: Automated governance enables trusted delivery with hundreds of policies out of the box. We make DevOps compliance simple and automated.

Accelerate Kubernetes Adoption with GitOps Design Patterns

Build a well architected Kubernetes and operate workloads across various underlying infrastructures such as on-premise, vSphere, AKS, GKE, EKS or others. Weave GitOps Kubernetes Design Patterns feature Cluster API or Terraform techniques, empowers organizations to build fully declarative, continuously reconciled and multi-tenant Kubernetes platforms following GitOps best practices. Contact us today for a no cost evaluation.

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Use cases

DevOps Automation with GitOps

Establish automation of the software delivery lifecycle post continuous integration (CI) and speed up software lifecycles.

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Secure with Policy as Code

Add policy as code to GitOps workflows, enforcing security and compliance, application resilience and coding standards from source to production.

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Manage Hybrid and Multi-cloud

Organizations want the flexibility of hybrid and multi-cloud to enable a combination of security and cost savings. Start scaling Kubernetes effortlessly.

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What’s new?


Flux Reaches Graduation at the CNCF

Flux achieved the CNCF’s highest level of project maturity due to the project’s levels of security, health and governance.

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GitOps Accelerates Self-service for Developers and Operators

When it comes to creating and managing a platform, GitOps is particularly well-suited for the task. GitOps enables organizations to adopt a platform model along with a self-service developer experience and automation for operators.

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